20 Problems That Are Going To Catch Up With People Sooner Or Later

A horizontal pole holding 15 traffic lights
reddit | infinite_magic

Bad decisions and bad planning have a way of coming back and biting us on the butt.

Everyone knows this, but this knowledge doesn't exactly stop problems from happening. Sometimes the problems aren't even your fault, even if you'll wind up paying in the end.

Is everything in this list someone's fault? Maybe, maybe not. All we know is that things could have worked out a bit better.

"I’m feeling all around awful and have one of the worst sore throats of my life and the doctor prescribed these pills."

Hand holding a massive pill
reddit | Yinelkis15

This has to be a joke, right? I've been to the doctor for all kinds of sore throats and have never been asked to swallow a pill that looks like this.

"You got blocked by a chair."

Row of seats on public transit blocks access to the next car
reddit | faraway_88

It's easy to geek out on the designs of public transit seats, assuming that's your thing. In this case, though, I'm not geeking out. I'm kind of aghast that they'd do something so inconvenient just to squeeze one more seat in there. You'd think a fire marshal would object, right?

"Hot fireworks in the trash in the garage. Owners went to bed."

Aftermath of a house fire resulting from hot fireworks being placed in garbage
reddit | SgtPeter1

This should serve as a lesson to anyone who puts on a fireworks display, or even has a backyard fire pit: always make sure that stuff is thoroughly extinguished.

"This is NOT a hat store."

Store called 'What-a-bargain', logo makes it look like 'Hat-a-bargain'
reddit | stewartdecimal

The background of this sign provides some context and shows us what the store stocks. But the design and the logo are a little too busy, which makes it look like this place sells inexpensive hats.

"The last place I saw my truck before running into the store for 10 minutes. All my work tools were in it too."

An empty parking spot after a truck was stolen
reddit | dragonbeard91

I've never had my car stolen, but if it ever does happen, at least the only stuff in the trunk is a bunch of old clothes that I forgot to drop off at the Goodwill.

"Now I know why they say these 6’ ladders are so dangerous."

Man on a short ladder precariously perched on building
reddit | d1lsn1ck

We all know what it's like to be unable to reach a high perch. Just because a ladder can technically do the job doesn't mean it's necessarily a safe job to do.

"Thought I had long COVID…Turns out it was the AC."

Interior of a dirty, moldy AC unit
reddit | edredse

If you've ever lived in a moldy house, you already know the toll it can take on your health. The insides of this air conditioning unit are truly horrifying to see.

"Very NSFW."

Man operating a power saw directly over his foot
reddit | willard_swag

This photo is actually safe for work, but a photo potentially taken five seconds later — one where this guy is on the ground and is missing half of his right foot — would most definitely not be safe for work.

"Asked my wife to keep the oven on low for the burgers. Puts it on low, broil, and forget to take the plastic cover off."

Plastic melted into baking pan
reddit | PartyRooster

Anyone who's grown up on processed oven food really ought to know that they need to check for any plastic or packaging before they stick that bad boy in the oven.

"I present to you the first anti-mold paint for walls that managed to make mold in its original container."

Container of anti-mold paint that's growing its own mold
reddit | Ok-Force-9554

I've never heard of anti-mold paint before. I'm not sure if it's all hype or not, but this pic isn't exactly a ringing endorsement of the concept.

"Left to the store for an hour, came back to this. It went through my ENTIRE house like this and at the end emptied itself into its dock. Kill me now."

Dog poop smeared all over floors by Roomba
reddit | Erifedud13

This pic serves as a reminder to anyone who owns a Roomba or other kind of robotic vacuum: if you have a pet who might make a mess, be very careful with what you let your Roomba do.

"Vegan noodles: 'contains pork'."

Container of vegan noodles says 'contains pork'
reddit | Cloudly_Water

I sometimes suspect that food companies claiming an item is vegan or gluten-free or whatever are actually just making things up. This pic proves that my suspicions are true, at least in this one specific case.

"Ordered a Pink Floyd stained glass panel. Recieved an actual picture of it."

Print of a stained glass panel delivered instead of actual stained glass panel
reddit | iwantcatfood

On the plus side, this print actually looks a fair bit like a stained glass panel. That's assuming you blur your eyes a bit and don't look too hard.

"Americans won't get this."

World map on wall with misplaced continents: Africa in place of Australia, South America in place of Africa
reddit | --Giova--

I really want to see the left side of this map. Using the process of elimination, I can only assume that Australia is standing in for South America. Also, I'm not sure if anyone's noticed, but the entire United Kingdom is missing.

"Drove my 17 year old son to visit my childhood home."

Exterior shot of a demolished house
reddit | gjawhar

It always sounds fun to drive past your childhood home, but then you do it and find that it's been subjected to some questionable renovations, ugly paint colors, or in some cases, demolished entirely.

"Who wants a nice cold formaldehyde beverage? Someone didn’t think that chemical formula through."

Beverage called CH2O (chemical formula for formaldehyde)
reddit | kalitarios

Not only is this beverage called CH2O — y'know, the chemical formula for straight-up formaldehyde — but the abbreviation isn't even worth it. Cincinnati's hydration to others? That's a clunky, clunky name.

"Someone complained about contractors leaving a hole exposed without any barriers. This was their solution."

'Hole' painted on plywood placed over hole in road
reddit | OctagonCosplay

This is basically an example of malicious compliance: someone who doesn't like the instructions they were given, and sets out to follow said instructions in the most passive-aggressive way possible.

"It will suck when she wakes up."

Sleeping woman on public transit who's dropped her pizza on the ground
reddit | Pingayaso

This is truly a tragedy. You can tell that she's eaten a couple of slices and is saving the rest for later. Now, unless she's willing to eat floor pizza, that later will never come.

"It took me years to finally get a whole set of these dishes, and I've been using them for many years now... only to find out they're full of lead and dangerous to use."

Set of dishes that contain dangerous lead
reddit | ChaserNeverRests

Sometimes it really doesn't seem worth it to learn the specifics of the things you use every day.

"15 traffic lights on a single pole."

A horizontal pole holding 15 traffic lights
reddit | infinite_magic

I'm going to assume that this is a complicated intersection that needs a bunch of lights to keep things orderly, but there's no way that any intersection is so complicated that it needs 15 lights.

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