Cupcakes with pink icing, sprinkles, and cherries on top.
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Because weddings tend to be so expensive, there's a growing trend of couples getting more creative and thrifty for their big day. Usually, this means a couple making their own decorations, or foregoing a huge guest list.

But when one woman filmed herself making her wedding cake and posted it to TikTok, people had opinions. And no, they weren't all positive.

The video was uploaded on June 23rd, and has over 3.7 million views.

TikTok user darlinggoose pointing to 6 Betty Crocker Rainbow Bit cake mix boxes.
TikTok | @darlinggoose

Captioning the video "Not sure if making my wedding cake at midnight the night before my wedding was the best idea," Laura, who goes by @darlinggoose on TikTok, showed her entire process, which started with baking the different tiers using Betty Crocker Rainbow Bit cake mix.

She starts two days before the wedding, making three 8-inch and three 10-inch sheets.

Laura and her family decorating a two tiered cake.
TikTok | @darlinggoose

Laura and her family begin decorating the cake around 12 hours before the wedding starts. In the TikTok, Laura admits that this is her first time ever decorating a cake.

The finished product is actually really cute!

Laura posing next to her completed wedding cake.
TikTok | @darlinggoose

The finished cake, decorated with vanilla icing and rainbow sprinkles, sports a sign that reads, "The Saxes." Laura ends the TikTok by posing next to the cake, and she looks pretty proud with how it turned out.

The comment section was... divided.

Considering the fact that the TikTok went viral, there were plenty of people in the comments asserting their own opinions on Laura's wedding cake. A lot of commenters couldn't believe that this was what she planned to serve at her wedding.

Some of the people in the comment section were kind of mean about it.

A large pile of rainbow sprinkles.
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"Is this a joke," a commenter wrote, "because looks like more for birthday."

Another commented, "I can hear your guest judging."

One user simply said, "No…just no lol."

Plenty of others came to Laura's defense, though.

A piece of a vanilla cake with sprinkles on it.
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One user commented, "People are so mean. I can’t remember anyone’s cake at weddings I’ve been to. If you’re happy with it, that’s all that matters. Its your day! Congrats!"

And there were a lot of people who pointed out how expensive wedding cakes can be.

A white wedding cake with flowers made of icing.
Unsplash | Jason Leung

One commenter said, "And you just saved like $500. Well done."

In the United States, the average wedding cake costs about $350, but can be upwards of $1,000.

Meanwhile, Laura didn't even spend $100 on her cake.

A cake decorated with pink icing and sprinkles.
Unsplash | Katie Rosario

She used Betty Crocker cake mix and icing, which would put the cost of her cake around $30. This is definitely the more economical choice when it comes to a wedding dessert.

Laura also received a lot of compliments on her cake.

Neil Patrick Harris giving two thumbs up.
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"Looks amazing, well done, I hope u had an amazing wedding," a commenter wrote.

Even the official Betty Crocker TikTok account weighed in, saying, "How beautiful! You rocked it!" Talk about wholesome.

Laura did eventually clap back on the people who thought her cake was a "joke."

A second TikTok, posted about a week after the first, showed pictures of the cake at the wedding.

At the end of the day, it was her wedding, and her choice to make the cake made it a little bit more special.

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