Natalie Portman Reflects On Being Sexualized As A Young Girl

Taylor Sakellis
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Natalie Portman is one of Hollywood's most notable faces. From the age of just 12, Natalie has been a star on-screen, and off, and has been involved in some of the most successful films in recent cinematic history including the Stars Wars franchise, Black Swan and Thor.

Now, the Thor: Love and Thunder star is getting candid about what life in the spotlight has meant for her, and how it felt to be sexualized at such a young age.

Natalie Portman, now 41, has been a talented force in Hollywood since she was just 12.

The Israeli-born American actress made her big-screen debut in Léon: The Professional in 1994, where she played an orphan who forms a complex relationship with a hitman.

From there, she would go on to land roles in other notable films like Heat, Beautiful Girls, and Mars Attacks!.

Sadly, being a child actress came with some serious drawbacks for Natalie, with the most serious and concerning treatment being the way the media sexualized her at such young age.

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Speaking with the Sunday Times, the 41-year-old shared what it was like to go through puberty and young adulthood with such predatory eyes on her.

"I think, in that time, it was very normal," the "Thor: Love and Thunder" star revealed, as per

"Some of it was the types of roles that were being written and some of it was the way journalists felt entitled to write about it."

One article that Natalie will never forget is reading a publication review of herself when she was 13, which commented on her "breast buds."

In response to the media's sexualization, the actress said she "put on all these defenses," which included turning down roles that would include a sex scene.

"It was like, 'I'm not going to be seen that way', because it felt like a vulnerable position and also a less respectable position, in some way, to be characterized like that," she recalled.

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It's heartbreaking to know that Natalie and so many other young actors have gone through this type of harassment.

Do better, Hollywood — this is not okay!