Couple Could Lose Home In HOA Lawsuit After Feeding Local Ducks

Daniel Mitchell-Benoit
A mother duck with a collection of ducklings all swimming in some water.
Unsplash | Anchor Lee

What feels like an innocent enough activity, and a way to connect with the local ecology of your neighborhood, has turned into an absolute nightmare for one Texas couple.

A pair of homeowners are being sued by their HOA for feeding the ducks that live by their property, with $250k or their very home being on the line should they lose.

A Texas couple is being sued for $250k by their HOA.

Two mallard ducks, a male and a female, standing on some grass.
Unsplash | Nikolay Tchaouchev

Why? Because they were feeding some sucks in their yard.

George and Kathleen Rowe were hit with the lawsuit after their neighbors complained that the ducks they'd been feeding were destroying the gardens and lawns of other homes in the area.

In doing so, the Rowes supposedly broke HOA rules.

A mother duck with a collection of ducklings all swimming in some water.
Unsplash | Anchor Lee

The Lakeland Community Homeowners Association, who filed the lawsuit, claims the Rowes 'broke community rules', engaging in activities that caused "unclean, unhealthy, or untidy" conditions or could "disturb or destroy vegetation, wildlife, wetlands, or air quality."

They're ordering the couple to stop feeding the ducks immediately.

Someone feeding a group of ducks at the water's edge.
Unsplash | Radek Homola

"Defendants are violating [...] provisions by continually and habitually feeding wildlife in the Community and within the Common Area," the lawsuit reads.

The ducks are then cited specifically, "Defendant, Kathleen A. Rowe, repeatedly feeds ducks on the common area despite being informed that such activity is prohibited — and despite agreeing to cease such activity."

If they lose this suit, they'll have to cough up that $250k.

A pair of suburban houses.
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If they can't, the HOA will foreclose on their house.

The Rowes are fighting the suit, denying that their duck-feeding activities could cause as much damage as the HOA is claiming.

The lawyer the Rowes hired called this the "silliest lawsuit" he'd ever seen.

A wooden gavel against a dark background.
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Richard Weaver will be representing Kathleen in the suit said, "It is sad to see Lakeland Village Community Association waste its money by paying lawyers to pick on Ms. Rowe."

Kathleen doesn't plan on stopping her duck feeding either.

A couple throwing some break into a creek full of ducks.
Pexels | Olya Kobruseva

"The HOA told me 'the ducks don't belong here. If they die, that's ok'," she said, defending the activity she finds peace in, "Well, I can't live with that."

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