Paul McCartney Shares Sweet Birthday Message To 'Special' Friend Ringo Starr

Mason Joseph Zimmer
Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr flash peace signs during concert
twitter | @PaulMcCartney

Ringo Starr just celebrated his 82nd birthday and his former Beatles bandmate and lifelong friend Paul McCartney is spreading the love.

Starr was one of a surprising number of stars who happened to turn 80 in 2020 and it seems that ever since, he's been celebrating the act of getting through another year in increasingly big ways.

We'll talk about what he had in mind this year soon enough, but his ambitions seem to be matching the excitement of those who have spent their lives basking in the iconic legacy of the Beatles that's stood for over half a century.

And true to his fond memories of his time in one of the greatest bands ever, Paul McCartney seems just as happy about the occasion as the fans.

For his 82nd birthday, Ringo Starr threw a big celebration in Los Angeles known as the Peace and Love Birthday Event.

Ringo Starr holding up peace sign while smiling
Wikimedia Commons | dearMoon

According to his website, he and his wife Barbara were joined by a roster of friends including musicians Edgar Winter, Richard Marx, and Roy Orbison's sons Alex and Roy Jr., as well as other famous figures such as Ed Begley Jr. and Diane Warren.

But the party didn't just stop at Los Angeles. In fact, his dedication to peace and love seemed to extend beyond the Earth itself.

International Space Station floating in space
Wikimedia Commons | NASA

That's because at noon on his special day, Starr gave his signal to the Artemis Mission Control Center in Houston, Texas so they could do as planned and beam both his 2021 single "Let’s Change The World" and his "star song" to the International Space Station.

Apparently, the Artemis Center had mapped the alignment of the stars on the day of his birth, which was used as the basis for some music.

But while Starr has clearly found a big way to celebrate his birthday already, his friend and former bandmate Paul McCartney nonetheless came through with a thoughtful message.

Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr flash peace signs during concert
twitter | @PaulMcCartney

As he wrote in a tweet before any of the space-faring festivities took place, "Peace to the world on Ringo's birthday."

But as close as he is to Starr, that's not the only reason why July 7 means so much to him.

As MacCartney explained, that's because his father James was also born on that day.

James McCartney wearing suit with serene facial expression
twitter | @PaulMcCartney

According to Hollywood Life, he passed away in 1976 at the age of 73, but not before appearing in this dapper photo that McCartney shared in his tweet.

As McCartney continued, "Same day as my Dad. Two very special men! Love Paul x"

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