Body Language Expert Analyzes Prince William And Kate Middleton's 'Secret' Behavior At Wimbledon

Taylor Sakellis
kate middleton and prince william at wimbleton
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Body language is so important, especially when it comes to the Royal family. If a picture speaks a thousand words, then a video speaks a thousand words a second... Don't quote me on that, though.

What I mean to say is, body language can tell us things without verbally telling us things. This is why I love when the royal family gets their body language analyzed because, as we all know, they're full of secrets!

Recently, the Duchess of Cambridge and her husband, Prince William, were spotted enjoying themselves at Wimbleton.

Ah Wimbleton, the place where rich people watch other rich people play tennis for hours while they're snapped smiling and laughing in their easy, breezy summer outfits.

Wimbleton this year featured the usual suspects, including the Cambridges, Kate's mom Carole Middleton and David Walliams

This year, however, the couple seemed happier than usual. So happy, in fact, that body language expert Judi James noted that their body language revealed the hidden way they communicate.

Speaking with "The Sun" Judi said that the smiling pair couldn't help but flirt with one another.

"Whether it’s the sun, the strawberries or the Centre Court action, Wimbledon seems to bring out the fun and flirty side of William and Kate," the expert revealed, "with some hugely uninhibited and animated displays from Kate and some suppressed, secretive smiling from William this year.”

She went on to say the "subtle secret signalling between the pair suggested some mutual admiration as the game continued."

"Kate’s hair-preening looked slightly more exaggerated than usual and her glances at William looked like appreciative tie-signs."

It wasn't just Kate that was flirting, though.

"William’s response was subtle but telling: as he bared his teeth in a smile his top lip puckered and curled, creating his signature cues of dimpling at the corners of his upper lip. This slightly bashful signal tends to be his give-away of some shared flirting and jokes between himself and Kate."

In summary, it seems like these two, who recently celebeated their 11 year wedding anniversary, are just as in tune as ever.

prince william and kate middleton laughing at baftas
Giphy | BAFTA

"Their increasingly mirrored body language as they got lost in the excitement of the match though, led to Kate gasping and gesticulating, with William quickly joining in the gestures of nail-biting excitement."

With this type of chemistry flying, I don't know how anyone paid attention to the tennis!

h/t: The Sun