Alexandra Daddario Puts Honeymoon On Hold To Save Turtle From Busy Road

Mason Joseph Zimmer
Alexandra Daddario reaching for turtle in road as cars pass in the background
instagram | @alexandradaddario

Actress Alexandra Daddario took some time out from her honeymoon with film producer Andrew Form to rescue a turtle while it was trying to cross a dangerous road.

Although she's had some high profile roles and has been credited for her piercing stare, there isn't much that's widely known about Daddario compared to some of her contemporaries.

And while she's hardly obscure, it seems that she also hasn't found that role to quite elevate her to the A-list yet. Yet after her recent marriage to Form, one thing that is now very clear about her is that she recognizes how vulnerable and precious turtles can be and that they need to be protected.

And when she came across an opportunity to do just that, she performed admirably.

In late June, Daddario officially married Form after a whirlwind relationship that saw them spontaneously agree to get hitched a year prior.

According to Vogue, Daddario had initially wanted to hold the wedding in Italy but decided on New Orleans after seeing how well the city suited two friends of hers when they got married.

And while Daddario wasn't so forthcoming about where the honeymoon would take place, she did make a post on Instagram indicating that she and Form were touring the southern United States.

And judging by all of the palm trees we can see in the background, it seems she was on the Florida leg of her trip when she came across a worrying sight.

Alexandra Daddario reaching for turtle in road as cars pass in the background
instagram | @alexandradaddario

As she revealed in an Instagram video posted on July 4, she spotted a turtle trying to cross a road while speeding cars passed around it.

Clearly figuring it wouldn't be long before one of those cars hit the animal, she carefully approached it and snatched it up after letting a vehicle pass close to her.

With that, Daddario held the turtle out in front of her and quickly walked back to her side of the road as Form filmed her from inside their vehicle.

Alexandra Daddario carries turtle after rescuing it from road next to palm trees
instagram | @alexandradaddario

And she apparently figured that just setting it by the side of the road would only introduce a delay before the turtle put itself in danger again.

So instead, she had another idea.

As we can see in the full video here, she brought the turtle into a nearby subdivision in the apparent hope that it would choose a new, safer destination.

Of course, some of her followers joked that it was going the way it was for a reason.

As one user put it, "And the turtle be like: bro I wanted to go the other way."

But all in all, most people appreciated seeing this caring side of Daddario. In the words of another person, "Yes yes. Small acts of kindness!"

h/t: Instagram | @alexandradaddario