Fans Who Met Cast Members Of 'The Office' IRL Share Their (Mostly) Cool Stories

Ashley Hunte
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For most people, meeting the stars of your favorite show is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. And while meet and greets and fan events exist, meeting a celebrity in a random place (like a restaurant or airport) makes the encounter feel so much cooler.

People in the popular DunderMifflin Subreddit have just one show they want to talk about: The Office. And recently, fans recounted the times when they got to meet some of the cast.

What did Bob Vance do again?

"I met Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration at a grocery store in Studio City. He was super cool, we talked about sports for a few minutes and went our separate ways."

In other words, they met Robert R. Shafer.

As it turns out, Angela is super nice in real life!

I met Angela [Kinsey] at LAX back in 2008. I was there for a school trip and a group of us saw her and started to freak out."

"No one had the guts to talk to her, but she came over and asked us if we wanted a picture and we of course said yes."

A woman somewhat smugly saying, "I hadn't noticed."
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"She even asked if we wanted her to smile or scowl like Angela would! Super awesome memory."

Even stars have time for baseball.

A man pointing toward himself while saying "I'm very sorry."
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"I met Andy Buckley (David Wallace) at the Scranton Railriders game (AAA minor league baseball). He was genuine and let anyone at the game take a photo with him.

"Very receptive to any questions my friends and I asked him and didn’t seemed to be bothered when we nerded out lol."

Being drunk and meeting celebrities doesn't mix, it seems.

A man staring to his left, and then directly ahead, and then slightly to the right.
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"When I lived in LA some of the cast hung out occasionally at a bar called Edendale Grill. I was there for a friend’s birthday and saw BJ Novak, Ed Helms, and some other people chatting."

"Fast forward to around midnight and I’m hammered, waiting at the bar for another beer."

A man rocking back and forth while saying, "Awkward."
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"Ed Helms comes up to wait and bumps into me a little, apologizes. I say no problem, I’m a big fan. Then, because I’m hammered, ask if he’d mind saying happy birthday to my friend.

"I cringe remembering, but he was really nice and chill about it, and politely declined."

You really never know who you're going to meet on an airplane.

"My dad met John Krasinski and Emily Blunt on a flight. He said he they were both super nice people, and John was surprisingly tall."

Somehow, I'm not surprised that John Krasinksi is tall...

Well, it definitely makes for a good story, at least.

"I met Kate Flannery at a bar in LA. I tried to give her a fist bump and she went for the high five and we turkeyed."

Excellent verb usage right there.

Nice Angela strikes again!

"I have mutual friends with Angela Kinsey, have met her like 5-6 times or so and I'll tell you the truth, she is simply one of the sweetest people on planet earth. Loves laughing and just enjoys life, a pure joy to be around."

I guess you should always keep an eye out at the airport.

A man saying, "Make it happen, captain!"
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"I met Craig Robinson (Darryl) at an airport when I was in high school. I walked by him during the flight from LA to Portland and did a quick double take once I was past him."

"After we landed, I spotted him at baggage claim and we chatted for a few minutes."

A man eating as he says, "I'm very busy down here."
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"Super nice guy, and he agreed to snap a quick picture of us.

"He mentioned he was playing a concert in Portland with his band, The Nasty Delicious. He also told me about Sausage Party before it was really being advertised."

Beware of random celebrities rear ending your car.

A fast zoom on a man with a sad/resigned facial expression.
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"My boss got rear ended by Toby once in LA and he was apparently really pushing to not get insurance involved lol."

A commenter replied with, "Ahhh, kay. Look, we could all file complaints against each other and just drown in a sea of paperwork, but you know, we can just move on with our… with our lives."

I'm sure she probably appreciated the privacy.

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"In 2011 Phyllis returned a Christmas tree to the Target where I was a front end manager. I was covering the guest service counter while the other team member was on break. I did a double take because I wasn’t the biggest office fan at the time, but didn’t say anything."

I'm willing to bet they like being treated like normal people.

Steve Carrell nodding and winking while pointing with a drink in hand.

"Steve Carrel was a regular at one of my old jobs. Super cool guy. Likes to keep a low profile.

"My favorite thing in the world was watching the new people freak out that 'OMG DID YOU SEE THAT? THAT’S STEVE CARREL!'"

Don't you just love it when an actor is just like the character they portray on screen?

"A friend of mine from elementary school works for a publisher in NYC, and she said Mindy Kaling is as bubbly IRL."

I'm just going to be thinking about that for the rest of the day.

"I met BJ Novak at his comedy show. He gave me an index card with a joke he was working on.

"'The game Simon never ends well' was the joke."

This sounds like a pretty normal interaction to me.

A woman nodding and then looking to her right.
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"I served Jenna Fischer and her family at a Glendale froyo shop many times. She was fine, not particularly friendly but not unkind. Usually just her husband would come in."

Two for the price of one!

"I met Rainn Wilson once while waiting for a comedy show in LA. We asked him for a pic and he was cool about it. Michael C Hall (Dexter) later walked up and we asked him for a pic too. Rainn came out of nowhere, saw us and yelled 'Picture Whores!'"

I guess some actors are just more talkative than others.

A man looking completely unimpressed.

"I used to go to the same gym as Stanley. He was willing to chat with me and later on a few others who approached him. He was a friendly man."

Being polite definitely pays off.

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"Met Ellie Kemper getting coffee (she got a draft latte) at La Colombe on Houston in NYC. Super super lovely woman, I just said that I loved her work and whether she was ok with chatting to a stranger despite it being NYC. She said of course, I love chatting with fans so I appreciate you asking!"