Mom Issues Warning After Sun Cream Left Children With 'Painful Burns'

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With summer around the corner, parents are stocking up on SPF and sunscreen to ensure their families are safe when out in the sun. Between going out to the pool, the beach, or even summer camp, it's easy to get sunburned if kids aren't careful and apply a safe and effective SPF to their skin. As parents, we always want our kids to refrain from getting a sunburn.

All parents usually apply sunscreen to their children.

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Whether going out for a little while or for a full day, parents always ensure their kids are protected and covered so that they do not get red in the sun.

There are specific protocols for applying lotion on your kids, too.

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The American Academy of Dermatology states that all kids, regardless of skin tone, should be wearing at least SPF of 30 or even higher when they are going to be in the sun.

However, not all sunscreen brands are the same.

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Despite the shelves being packed with sunscreen brands, there are different strengths, types, and specifications for each of them. For example, some brands are harsh on the skin while others work for those with sensitive skin.

Sometimes, we end up buying things based on recommendations.

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Parents are always learning from each other and sharing ideas and tips, so when it comes to sunscreen, we usually buy what other parents share and recommend to us for the summertime.

They can also tell us which brands to avoid, too.

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31-year-old Natalie Nuttall, who is a mother of three, recently opened up about a sunscreen brand that left her daughter with a painful and unfortunate sunburn all across her back and body.

She had grabbed the sunscreen from the grocery store.

sunscreen mom says burnt her daughter's back
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The mom purchased the ASDA Protect Kids Strawberry Fragrance Coloured Sun Lotion High in SPF 50 for their vacation in Tenerife. However, when she applied sunscreen to her kids, it actually turned her hands pink.

It didn't stain her kid's bodies, though.

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"It didn't stain the kids, but by the time I had done all three kids, it wouldn't wash off my hands. It had stained me," the mom told Manchester Evening News in an interview.

Because the sunscreen is "pink," you can't tell if you apply enough, either.

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Pink is so similar to skin color that when you're rubbing it in, you can't really tell if you're missing a spot or not. So, the mom went to go get even more sunscreen.

By then, it was too late.

daughter's sunburn on back
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Her daughter had a nasty sunburn all across her back and shoulders that was bright red. And, her son had his legs completely burnt, as well. The mom said she would "not recommend" this sunscreen to anyone.

The company asked for the mom to return the bottle so they can investigate.

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‘’All of our UV blocking sunscreens undergo dermatological testing and we have asked the customer to return the bottle they bought so that we can carry out tests to ensure there are no problems with this bottle," said an Asda spokesman.

Fortunately, Nuttall's children are okay.

mom whose children got sunburnt |

Despite the discomfort and redness, Nuttall's children have all made a recovery from the bad sunburns that they endured.

Asda said that they, "... haven’t received any other complaints of this nature."