Exfoliator Beads Stuck In Woman's Pores, Removed Via Facial

Daniel Mitchell-Benoit
A tray covered in various bottles of skincare products.
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The thought of a facial often sounds relaxing, enjoyable, and a nice thing you can do to treat yourself and your skin. That is unless the person giving you the facial finds something unexpected.

That's what happened to one woman who was getting a facial done just days before her wedding, only to make an unwelcome discovery about her skincare routine.

One woman trying to prepare for her wedding was in for quite the shock.

A woman receiving a facial complete with face mask.
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Emma Kinsley had booked a facial a few days before her wedding, hoping it'd help her relax and tackle some pesky inflammation she'd been dealing with.

However, part way through, her esthetician asked a question.

Kinsley sitting in her car, looking to the camera.
TikTok | @emickkah

She asked if Kinsley had changed her skincare routine. Kinsley said yes, she'd recently switched to Neutrogena's pink grapefruit foaming scrub after running out of her usual face wash.

The esthetician asked if the scrub contained beads.

Kinsley pointing to a breakout area on her face.
TikTok | @emickkah

"You could tell she just wanted to let me know without interrupting the facial and the relaxation of it," she said.

The esthetician then told her that those very beads had been stuck in her pores for probably a few days.

Kinsley made a TikTok warning people about the scrub.

She pointed to notable problem areas on her face that had broken out, saying each spot had been clogged up by beads.

Before she found out what the cause of her breakout was, she thought she was having some sort of hormonal imbalance. Instead, it was these tiny, plant-based pebbles, which she believes might have gotten stuck because she tends to press rather hard when washing her face.

Instead, it was this deeply horrific scenario.

A tray covered in various bottles of skincare products.
Unsplash | Charisse Kenion

Of course, this doesn't mean that all exfoliator beads are bad. Dermatologist Marisa Garshick told Insider that these beads are usually a rather gentle option when it comes to exfoliating.

However, if you're now put off by anything with beads in it, Garshick recommends chemical exfoliants instead.

h/t: Insider