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Dad Seeks Help Over Possibly Impregnating Son's Girlfriend

As a parent, you'll probably have a lot of uncomfortable conversations with your grown children. Still, I don't think anyone would be prepared to tell their son that his new girlfriend's baby might also be his brother.

One dad had that conversation, but decided to share his confession with Reddit first. I have to say, this sounds like it'll make for one awkward family dinner.

A Reddit user posted his story earlier this week.

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The user, who goes by u/recentlygaveaway, posted his story to the TrueOffMyChest subreddit, titling it, "Today I’ll (45M) have to tell my son (28m) his new girlfriend’s (35f) child might be mine."

He starts by stating, "There was no cheating involved whatsoever."

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"I’d never do that to my own son. He’s only been seeing her for about 4 months from what he’s told me but she and I dated 2 years ago. But it ended because I was going to be traveling out of work for months, we just lost contact."

"She has a one and a half year old son that is very likely my child."

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"My son told me the father isn’t involved but hasn’t given him any other details other than it’s just her raising the kid. I was the one to connected the dots as soon as I realized it was her. You can’t imagine how unbelievably awkward the first time meeting was."

"Thankfully it was with other family members around but she was just as freaked out as I was."

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"This can’t be kept a secret though if this is my child I need to know. And as much as it pains me to put my son in this messed up position he needs to know too.

"He’s coming over later on so we could talk. I’m beyond nervous I really don’t even know where to start explaining something like this to him."

The comment section had some pretty divided opinions.

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Some were wondering if this story was made up, while others wondered why the girlfriend didn't immediately break up with the son. Mostly, though, people wanted to know what happened next.

Others tried to provide some advice to the father.

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One commenter wrote, "All you can do is tell him the truth. It would be horrible to keep this from him. Tell him the truth, get DNA testing on the baby and go from there. Your son would never forgive you if you kept it a secret. He may be upset at first"

The father later updated his post after telling everything to his son.

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"The conversation was not easy at all. My son was very confused and upset as would anyone honestly. I expected him to yell at me but the shock was too much for him to get a strong reaction but he was still very serious."

"I made sure he knew I’d understand if this is too much for him so whatever he needs from me I will try to do."

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"As of right now he just needs some space. And I said in another comment that after our talk last night he messaged me about going over to her place so he can hear this from her too. Far as I know they have had their own talk. But not so sure about where they stand now."

"He didn’t talk to me all day until he sent me a message earlier telling me he loves me but he’s gonna need some time to himself which I completely understand."

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"It’s not gonna be something he‘ll easily get over. As far as paternity well we still don’t know anything about that."

"I have communicated with her about finding a place where we can get this test done and out of the way, so we’ll be doing that this week."

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"It can’t wait any longer otherwise its just gonna drive me crazy."

With any luck, this poor father will learn whether or not he has another kid soon enough.

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