Ex-Airport Worker Reveals What Travelers' Clothing Style Says About Them

Lex Gabrielle
woman checking times in airport
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Whenever we are traveling, we always like to prepare our best outfits and style. Many people have specific "travel" fashion and attire just so they can go to the airport, or go on vacation.

There are those that even go shopping right before a trip so that they can have brand new outfits to wear while they are going away.

When it comes to airport attire, many prefer comfy-cozy.

crowded airport
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Being on an airplane is not always the most comfortable, so people tend to want to dress comfier than normal. That includes some sweats or leggings, even a hoodie too in case we get cold.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are those who do it up for the airport.

people waiting in an airport by window
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There are then those who get full out glammed when going to the airport, because of course, they want to look their best when they arrive at their new destination.

As everyone knows, what a person wears can say a lot about them.

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They say don't judge a book by its cover, but also, there are many things you can tell about a person by the way that they dress. Sometimes, you can learn a lot about them, in fact.

An ex-airport employee is sharing all the things she has learned from working in airport security.

airport traveler walking
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Sonya Dhillon, 33, is originally from West London and is the CEO of Ricco Events and PR. But, before her job as a CEO, she spent five years working in airport security for Virgin Atlantic.

She happened to meet a lot of people throughout her five years.

crowded airport with lots of people
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"As a customer service agent I checked passengers in before security, and at the gates pre-boarding whilst ensuring all the necessary documents were correct," she shared with The Sun.

Sonya said you can even tell where they are flying.

Dubai skyline
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The former airport employee said that you always knew if someone was going to Dubai because "it was almost as though they were auditioning for Towie!" They were always dressed up a lot.

But when it came to first class, it was harder to tell.

person riding in first class on airplane
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Sometimes, between first class and coach, it was hard to tell the difference, no matter how dressed up they were.

"You'd have some dressed head-to-toe in designer and then others in unbranded shorts, T-shirts, and flip flops with a backpack. Now more than ever, I reckon it's impossible to tell based on appearances," she said.

She also said that working in the airport allowed her to meet tons of people.

plane landing in airport
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"Throughout my years in the airport I've had the honour of meeting many celebrities. From royals such as Prince William and Kate, to Mike Tyson, Danny DeVito, Winnie Harlow, Gigi Hadid," Sonya added.

Not everyone was nice, but not everyone was rude, either.

person walking with luggage in airport
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Sonya said you get a real mix of people in terms of personalities and how they treated those who worked airport security. But, everyone was sure trying to get one thing by her.

"Everyone always wants an upgrade."

woman with luggage in airport
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"The constant request from everyone was wanting a 'free upgrade.' Or some would compliment you when they approached your desk - but you immediately knew that meant that their bag is overweight or they wanted something," she said.

But, she shares she gets to learn so much about everyone.

person walking into airport with luggage wheeling
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Sonya said you never "really know" someone's reason for traveling and flying, as not everyone is going off on a vacation. Sometimes, people are really going through tough times. Or, having a major life event, too.