Two mimes waving at the camera
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People Are Sharing The Things That Get More Hate Than They Deserve

For some of us, hating is a way of life. For every pop culture figure who gets no hate whatsoever, there are about a hundred who get all the hate the internet can throw at them.

But amid all the Haterade that exists, there are bound to be at least a few things that are hated on unnecessarily. So what doesn't deserve the hate? Let's ask Reddit.

Mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Hand holding a cone of mint chocolate chip ice cream
Unsplash | Jarek Ceborski

"I wholeheartedly despise mint chocolate chip ice cream but I can't imagine even considering giving anyone else a hard time for liking it. Like, what a remarkably trivial thing to waste time and energy being negative about. I don't understand some people."


Universal healthcare.

Medical staff walking down a hallway
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"The main argument I've heard boils down to 'I don't want to pay slightly more taxes so poor people can also get medical care.' Obviously they don't phrase it like that, but that's what it is. It's so selfish and completely lacking in compassion. Plus there's usually an element of 'if they worked harder they wouldn't be poor,' as if society is set up in a way that enough living-wage jobs exist that everyone could have one."


Marvel movies.

Person cosplaying as Spider-Man
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"I love Marvel Movies. I recognize exactly what they are, and I like them because of what they are. If you don't like them that's fine, you don't have to watch them. But I don't get why some people are militantly anti-Marvel and maintain that the MCU is singe-handedly destroying cinema. Not all of us want to watch art-house think-pieces and depressing bio-pics all the time."


Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber wiping away a tear
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"Sure, he was cringey and had a high pitched voice as a kid and was kinda a [jerk] as a teenager, who wasn't.

But at this point in his life he isn't half as bad as 98% of other celebrities."


Nuclear power.

Four cooling towers at a nuclear power plant
Unsplash | Lukáš Lehotský

"I literally told my mom that we should switch to nuclear power but she simply just told me that it was dangerous and wouldn't listen. It's pretty ridiculous.

It's one of the safest, cleanest forms of power and yet so many people think it's just another Chernobyl waiting to happen."



A tabby cat snuggling on a person's lap
Unsplash | Chris Abney

"I am so sick of hearing people go on about how they hate cats. Its like its fashionable. I may not like your dog but I don't rave on about it. Its rude. I respect your choice of pet, please respect mine."


Two Minions figurines
Unsplash | Justin Lim

"Many see them as childish and while some of it can be animation is a fun medium because physics and logic can often be ignored or pushed to extremes. Anyone can literally be anything and that’s part of the fun."

Teenage girls.

Four girls linking hands in a field, viewed from the back
Unsplash | Melissa Askew

"Whenever people want to point how [bad] something is they say teen girls like that, and usually just whatever they do is extremely criticized.

What they wear, what they listen to, what they watch....

And kids in general are cringey but I feel like it's so much worse for girls."


People on social assistance.

Woman holding a $1 bill with both hands
Unsplash | Annie Spratt

"This is such a burden honestly. Out of the workforce since I was 18, my mental [stuff] makes my life difficult enough. I do what I can, where I can. I try to make the world better than when I stepped in it, but it feels so bad to say I live on benefits. It makes me feel useless, a burden, you know?

I donate blood, I am a stem cell donor, hell I am even a donor for living liver donation, just to give back. But it feels like I am taking too much."


Pumpkin spice.

A pumpkin spice latter with an autumnal background
Unsplash | Heidi Kaden

"This is so true. I actually love pumpkin spice, but it's not something I can say plainly. It's always a, 'Yeah I know I'm a basic [expletive] for this, but screw being cool' joke that precedes 'I love pumpkin spice [item].' And then everyone else jokes about how they are also an uncool basic [expletive] because they also think this is delicious. Maybe it's popular because it's good, you know? But society just had to make it weird."


Young adults.

A group of five young adults walking down a sidewalk
Unsplash | Eliott Reyna

"They’re fumbling through life, they’re working on getting it together in a very quickly changing world. They’ve probably never had solid ground under their feet. Relax, give them time. They’re probably more emotionally intelligent than half of us other generations, they’re not whining."



Two mimes waving at the camera
Unsplash | Irena Carpaccio

"Some of them are a bit creepy. But unlike every other kind of street entertainer, they are not obnoxious.

They don't say anything, they don't sing with tuneless voices, they don't play music that you don't like, they don't touch you, they don't even throw anything in the air. They just do their thing. They're very easy to ignore."


Pets that aren't cats or dogs.

Hand holding a fancy white rat
Unsplash | Tanya Kusova

"Rats are amazing pets. They're very intelligent and actually very clean. Imo I think female rats as pets are little bit better than males. Males are kinda lazy and stink more, although they really like petting. I've had rats for around ten years now and the only worst thing about them is their short lifespan."



Hand sprinkling salt on box of French fries
Unsplash | Emmy Smith

"MSG is Monosodium Glutamate, which is sodium plus glutamic acid. Glutamic acid is an amino acid, you're supposed to be eating it. Sodium is a nutritional mineral, you're supposed to eat it.

You shouldn't eat too much for the same reason you shouldn't eat too much table salt, too much sodium is bad for you. But there's no particular reason to be scared of MSG if you happen to be one of those social deviants who enjoys the taste of salt on food sometimes."



Workers behind the counter at a Domino's Pizza location
Unsplash | Ashwini Chaudhary(Monty)

"Sometimes I want pizza, sometimes I want Domino's.

Growing up in NJ this can sound sacrilegious, but to me Domino's and good pizzeria pizza are two different food groups. Plenty of times I want a nice slice, plenty of times I want cheesy bread."


Stereotypically feminine things.

An array of pink flowers
Unsplash | Rikonavt

"Sewing and crocheting requires patience and some skill. Pink colour is just a normal colour. Flowers are pretty. Make-up is art, as well as fashion. Writing and reading romance is okay. Long baths with candles around can be fun. Caring for your body is good. I don't like any of these but it's not my role to tell others what to do in their free time and to judge them. Just let people enjoy things."


Certain words (in this case, 'moist').

Person looking through a dictionary
Unsplash | Aaron Burden

"It really irritates me when people act dramatic about it. Its okay to not like the word, but grown adults shuddering at the word moist or screaming when you say it just feels performative."


Recent music.

Hand holding a smartphone displaying Spotify, with earbuds in background
Unsplash | Fath

"Went on a date with a guy and music came up. We were talking about covers. I brought up that I’d just seen a guy do a cover of WAP in the style of the Beatles. This guy went into a five minute rant about Cardi B & Nicki Minaj. All about how awful they are and how they’re terrible role models and their music has no substance and it’s a huge step back for society. Just went on and on. Bro…. I just thought it was a funny cover."


New fans.

Fans at a rock concert
Unsplash | Anthony DELANOIX

"When a fellow metalhead sees me wearing a band t-shirt, they start the gatekeeping thing...expecting me to know how old the band members are, who they are married to, what the band members favourite food is, etc. I don't have to know what type of pasta the members of Iron Maiden prefer to call myself a fan (that is literally what some men expected me to know before they accepted that I am an Iron Maiden fan)."


Actors who play villains.

Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Wikimedia Commons | Gage Skidmore

"Actors who played characters that fans dislike.

Also I feel like bad actors get way too much flack, they didn't cast themselves and like most of us they wanted to simply succeed in their careers. Blame directors and casting directors that went for a look rather than a strong performer... actually going back to my first point if you don't like a piece of media it is absolutely okay to not hate anyone."