'Frozen' Actor Josh Gad Shares Nephew Died In His Sleep

Emily McWilliams
Josh Gad at a red carpet event
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Frozen actor Josh Gad took to Twitter and Instagram to announce the sudden death of his nephew, Marco. According to Gad, his 20-year-old nephew died in his sleep and his death has left the family trying to "... deal with unimaginable loss."

Gad is best known for his roles in Disney's 'Frozen' and the live-action 'Beauty and the Beast' movie.

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However, the actor took to Twitter on Sunday to announce some heartbreaking family news.

In a tweet, Gad told fans that his nephew, Marco, had passed away.

According to Gad, his nephew was only 20 years old at the time of his passing. The actor revealed Marco, "...passed away in his sleep."

Gad also posted a tribute to his nephew on Instagram.

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"Today I write this with a broken heart. Our beloved nephew Marco has left us far too early. At 20 years old, he was full of possibly and promise. To say he is gone far too soon does not do justice to the life force that he was," the actor wrote in his Instagram post.

Gad revealed Marco's parents are dealing with "impossible pain".

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Gad then went on to describe his nephew's best qualities in a moving tribute.

"He fought to make the world a better place, stood on the side of justice and light and stood up for those who needed it most," the actor shared in an Instagram post.

Gad also described Marco as, "truly a brilliant, creative and loving soul."

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Gad closed out his tribute by asking fans to help him honor the memory of his nephew and, "celebrate a life that was only just beginning."

Online, thousands of fans have reached out to Gad to offer their condolences to him and his family.

Gad thanked fans on Twitter, writing that their support, "has been incredible."

A number of celebrities also reached out to express their shock and sadness over the news.

Christopher Lloyd reached out to Gad on Twitter to offer his thoughts and prayers after hearing about the tragic news.

TV host LeVar Burton also sent his love and condolences on Twitter.

Other celebrities including Octavia Spencer and Isla Fisher have also reached out to Gad on social media.