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Twitter Reacts To Prince William And Kate Middleton's Official Portrait: 'Awful'

Earlier this week, it was announced that Prince William and his wife, the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, had finally had their first official joint portrait painted. After 11 years of marriage, the couple has solidified themselves in this Royal family rite of passage.

The portrait, painted by renowned British artist Jamie Coreth, is on display at the University of Cambridge's Fitzwilliam Museum. Of course, despite the photo being a stunning piece of hand-painted art, people online had a lot to say about it.

In case you hadn't realized, Prince William and Kate Middleton were the only Royal couple to NOT have a super classy, handpainted joint portrait of themselves.

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I know, you probably didn't notice and that's okay because I didn't either.

I'm only human, after all!

However, this wrong has been corrected with a recent unveiling of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's official portrait.

Yes, kids of today — a portrait. No, not the portrait mode on your smartphone. An actual, handpainted portrait. You know, like with a brush?

All jokes aside the portrait, painted by British artist Jamie Coreth, is STUNNING. The Duke and Duchess visited the piece, which is on display at the University of Cambridge's Fitzwilliam Museum on Thursday.

The duchess is posing in a gorgeous, glittering green gown while she and her husband will look off into the distance.

It looks so life like, doesn't it?

"It has been the most extraordinary privilege of my life to be chosen to paint this picture," Jamie said, as per "People."

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"I wanted to show Their Royal Highnesses in a manner where they appeared both relaxed and approachable, as well as elegant and dignified."

While many fans found the portrait stunning, others took to social media to poke fun at the royal pair.

"They've somehow made an oil painting look lame and corporate," tweeted one critic.

"They look like statues, detached and no presence. It's awful," tweeted another.

"Hmm - not sure about it. Looks a bit stiff and unnatural - needed a more relaxed type pose - the likenesses are really good, but it doesn't have a natural feel - too formal for a modern couple for my liking," pointed out a different user.

"Looks like they have no emotional connection and just tolerate each other," added another.