Unfortunate Fails That I Can't Help But Laugh At

Lex Gabrielle
broken plate

There are times in life when we have a no good very bad day when everything seems to go wrong. But, when we complain to others, they don't always believe that things are "that bad."

Until, of course, we send them over a photo and show them how bad things are going and they have no choice but to feel bad for us and take pity on us.

That's a pretty bad sunburn if you ask me.

Guy with terrible sunburn taking mirror photo
reddit | Reddit

Sure, you may think that your coat of sunscreen would work all day long. But, there are times when you have to reapply. Reapply like your life depends on it. Because this is definitely the worst burn I've ever seen.

There's no turning back now.

cabinet falling with glasses breaking
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Ever hear a loud smash from one room and jump out of your skin? Well, it seems like this is the worst-case scenario for what it could have been. Every plate fell right out of the cabinet.

That's some show.

guy stuck behind a beam at ballet
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This husband didn't want to go to the ballet as it is with his wife, and now he's going to spend the entire show staring at a beam from the floor to the ceiling. What a memorable night.

Michael Scott? Is that you?

Car driving into water between docks
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If you're a fan of "The Office," you know Michael Scott himself fell into a lake after following his GPS. This guy apparently doesn't know how to drive at all, because that's a small crack to fall into.

Dinner is not served.

glass breaking in oven while cooking
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While cooking, glassware is supposed to be able to last in the oven. But, sometimes those glass plates will shatter, too. This dinner is definitely not edible anymore. I guess we should call up the pizza place and get a pie.

How can they mess up so badly?

burger with cheese on the side
reddit | Reddit

There is no doubt in my mind that this order is not supposed to look this way. Clearly, extra cheese should be on top of the burger, not on the side in a separate container.

Paying all that money for this bed in a hotel.

flat pillow in hotel on bed
reddit | Reddit

This Reddit user claims to have paid over 120 dollars to stay in a hotel and this is the bed set up that he was given. If that was my pillow, I'd want a refund for that stay.

Don't leave your record players in direct sunlight.

record messed up from direct sunlight
reddit | Reddit

If you happen to have a record player and you leave it in direct sunlight, you are going to end up with a record that is all squiggly and messed up like this.

No one is driving this car.

Bees swarmed on car window
reddit | Reddit

If you planned to go somewhere for the day, you better forget it. No one is going to want to open this car door. Unless, of course, you want to get swarmed by bees.

Brand new book, destroyed.

dog smiling after tearing up book on couch
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The Reddit user said she had gotten a brand new book for her birthday from her sister. Too bad she didn't get to read it because her dog ripped it to shreds.

This bride is definitely not happy.

Woman rips out eyelashes using eyelash curler
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The night before her big day, she went to curl her eyelashes, and instead of curling, they totally ripped out of her eyelid. Not the best wedding day preparation for any bride for sure.

She thought they were cookies.

christmas dog treats
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There's nothing like buying new cookies and getting excited to eat them. But, then, you get home and realize that they aren't cookies and instead, they are dog treats. Bonus points if you don't even have a dog.

Definitely not handled with care.

fragile box ripped open and ripped apart
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When you order something that can break easily, it's not so great when you get the package and you see the "fragile" warning has been definitely ignored. This is broken, 100%. Someone call for a refund.

This is not the brightest idea.

Restaurant table with bread and olive oil looking hand sanitizer
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The Reddit user found out "the hard way" that this restaurant uses bottles that look like olive oil for their hand sanitizer pumps. Yikes, that is an easy stomach ache and definitely disgusting.

Dropped right into the shoes.

spaghetti inside shoes
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Making dinner and then dropping it on the floor is the worst kind of pain. But, dropping an entire bowl of spaghetti into your favorite pair of sneakers is a new kind of loss. Never going to wear those again.