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Mom Accidentally Moons Other Parents After Falling During School Sports Day Race

Going to your kid's school activities is part of being a parent. Sometimes, we don't want to go and join the mess, but as a parent, we have to do what we have to do for our kids.

Many times, this means we have to get out of our comfort zone and do things we hate—like baking, running, or dressing up. But, we'll do anything for our kids.

School events take a lot out of us.

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When we have young kids, they get so excited when parents are invited to events at school. As parents, we're not always the most excited to take part. We have to totally be "on" and be a good sport.

You know what they say, the best parenting is done through "modeling."

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We're always talking to our kids about being involved and taking risks, so unless we do it ourselves, our kids will never listen to our words of wisdom. They say parenting is all about "leading by example."

Sometimes, that means running down the field at a sports event.

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As a mom, sometimes, we're not totally up for running down the field at a sports event. But, when our kids are cheering us on, we can't say no.

Not all of us are super athletic.

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Not all of us are super athletic or even coordinated, so we're usually there ready to embarrass ourselves in public. We do try our best for our kids though, we don't want to let them down.

But, if you're this Facebook mom, it can totally go south.

Katie Hannaford Facebook Mom
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Mom Katie Hannaford of Basildon in Essex attended her daughter's school sports day in June and was super proud of her little girl. She shared several photos of her daughter on Facebook.

She also shared she did some running, as well.

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"Great day at Sports day for my little cherub. Come first in her race as well love her. Lessons learnt... I’m no longer 21 and shouldn’t run in the mums race and don’t ever wear a dress when running," the mom shared.

Then, she posted a video of her "incident."

Mom falls during race at sports day
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In the video, the mom begins to run a relay race with some other parents that attended the sports event. The moms were running down the field, rather quickly, when the unthinkable happened.

Hannaford loses her footing.

Mom falls face first during race facebook video
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Hannaford begins to fall forward after she trips. The other mothers zoom right past her and leave her in their dust, but Hannaford is totally face-first on that field and eats it. But, that wasn't the most embarrassing part.

Once she fell, her dress flew right up.

mom moons parents after falling at field day
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Apparently, Hannaford thought that wearing a dress to field day was the best idea and, it completely backfired. Her dress flew up and she mooned the entire parent sidelines during the race.

Fortunately, she found the experience funny and laughed at herself.

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Many people on Facebook gave her credit for being "such a good sport" and shared they may not have been as graceful or positive if that had been them on their child's sport's day.

Others said she may not have won the race, but she won something else.

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Facebook users were all in agreement that even though Hannaford did not win the race with the other parents, she won everyone's heart for sure online. And, she was a true star that day.