Celebs Who Don't Live In Hollywood So They Can Stay Away From The Toxicity

Sarah Kester
Chris Hemsworth and his wife
instagram | Chris Hemsworth

While many people dream of moving to Hollywood, others can't get away from it fast enough.

These are the celebrities who have witnessed the downfalls of Tinsel Town. This includes paparazzi being everywhere, the lack of privacy, and more.  

Fixing this problem meant a major move. Some relocated to remote locations, while some even fled the country!

Here are 19 celebs who don't live in Hollywood.

Mark Ruffalo - Callicoon

Mark Ruffalo selfie
instagram | Mark Ruffalo

Once the Marvel actor started having kids with his wife, Sunrise Coigney, they decided to leave Hollywood for a small city called Callicoon.

“It’s pretty much a blue-collar community, a farming community," he told OK Magazine. "I wanted my children to have that experience.”

Jason Segel - small town

Jason Segel smelling an orange

The days of being neighbors with Jimmy Kimmell are long gone. The actor relocated to a "little farm town" that he won't disclose the name of. "I like being in a small town. Like, I go to the high school football games and stuff and eat a sandwich," he said.

Lindsay Lohan - Dubai

"Moving here was a fresh start," she told Emirates Woman in 2018. She added that avoiding public security was another major factor. "I don't have to be publicly seen all the time, or discuss what I'm doing."

Elijah Wood - Texas

After all his traveling around the world (and in The Lord of the Rings franchise), the actor prefers a quieter life.

He's found it in Bouldin Creek, Texas. While he still gets stopped for pictures, it isn't nearly as bad as it would be in Hollywood.

James Van der Beek - Texas

James Van Der Beek and family
instagram | James Van Der Beek

"We wanted to get the kids out of Los Angeles. We wanted to give them space and we wanted them to live in nature," James said in an interview for Austin Life magazine. "When we were flying here for our anniversary, I felt an energy to Austin."

Jeff Daniels - Michigan

Jeff Daniels at awards show
Giphy | Tony Awards

The Dumb and Dumber actor made the smart decision to move his family to Michigan many years ago. The goal was to create as much normalcy as possible. "It was a very dramatic move in 1986 to move to Michigan, but that was to keep the family number one. And that worked."

Chip and Joanna Gaines - Waco, Texas

Unlikely to find a fixer-upper in Hollywood, the Magnolia Network stars are still in Waco, Texas. They live on a 40-acre property with their five kids. Since they're home reno mavens, they expanded their farmhouse with a new wing in 2021.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds - Bedford

As parents who are committed to giving their children a "normal upbringing," they moved their family to a farmhouse in the town of Bedford, N.Y. The upscale neighborhood is the perfect retreat from the hustle and bustle of Hollywood.

Adrien Grenier - Austin

Adrien Grenier in stables
instagram | Adrien Grenier

Unlike his Entourage character, Grenier prefers to be away from the action. "I found myself in a stage of my life where I had to change," he told Austin Life Magazine. He finds his home to be more in line with his environmental beliefs.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban - Nashville

Although they own many luxury properties all over the world, the couple spends most of their time at their family home in Nashville, Tennessee, which they bought in 2008 for $3.47 million. It has cool features, like a tennis court and a recording studio.

Tom Selleck - Ventura, California, ranch

Tom Selleck nodding
Giphy | CBS

After decades of working in Hollywood, the Magnum P.I. actor prefers to live a private life. "My relationships and my ranch keep me sane," Selleck said about the 65-acre ranch he lives on with his family.

Michael Keaton - Montana

Michael Keaton and a friend
instagram | Michael Keaton

"Once you see the west, there is no going back," Keaton once said in an interview. This is clearly true, as the actor has spent most of the past 28 years on his ranch in southern Montana.

Sandra Bullock - New Orleans

Sandra Bullock saying "really?"

As someone who isn't sure she wants to be acting anymore, it makes perfect sense that Bullock left Hollywood.

She mainly resides at her beautiful Victorian home in New Orleans with her two kids and her boyfriend, Bryan Randall.

John Mayer - Montana

John Mayer selfie
instagram | John Mayer

Following throat surgery in 2013, the music crooner relocated to Paradise Valley, Mont., where he lived a quieter life.

The time there made such an impact on the singer that he named one of his albums, "Paradise Valley," after the town. 

Demi Moore and Bruce Willis - Idaho

Demi Moore and Bruce Willis
instagram | Demi Moore

Although they're no longer together (and have since moved back to Hollywood), the couple once moved their family to a small town in Idaho. They did so to escape the Hollywood craziness and give their daughters a normal life.

John Travolta - Florida

As a certified private pilot, the actor needed a home that could fit his aircraft. The family's home in Florida fit the bill. "We designed the house for the jets and to have at our access the world at a moment's notice, and we succeeded at that," Travolta said. 

Robin Wright and Sean Penn - northern California

Robin Wright in doorway
instagram | Robin Wright

Back when she was married to Sean Penn, the family moved to northern California for their two kids.

"I didn't want to raise my kids in this weird, sycophantic society," she told Entertainment Weekly.

Chris Pratt - Washington State

If you noticed sheep on the actor's Instagram, there's a reason for that. See, when he's not busy filming Jurassic Park or Guardians of the Galaxy, he and his wife, Katherine, and their two kids, are raising sheep on a farm in Washington state!

Chris Hemsworth - Australia

Chris Hemsworth and his wife
instagram | Chris Hemsworth

Chris and his wife, Elsa, currently reside in Byron Bay, Australia with their three kids: India Rose and twins Sasha and Tristan.

The model told Vogue Australia that she found the fast pace of Hollywood to be at odds with her goal of building a family.