People Who Live Near Celebrities Are Spilling On Whether They're Good Neighbors

Sarah Kester
Jessica Simpson selfie
instagram | Jessica Simpson

Living next to a celeb sounds like a dream, doesn't it?

You can imagine them mowing the lawn (ideally, shirtless), hosting neighborhood BBQs, and surprising their neighbors with free cars.

Sadly, this doesn't usually happen. Living near a celeb could be stressful when they have paparazzi hounding them and they throw loud, extravagant parties that you're not invited to.

In order to really peek behind the curtain, people shared what living near a celebrity is like.

Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves winking

What a dream it would be to live close to one of the nicest men in Hollywood! One Redditor wrote that they would see him wash his little hatchback car every once in a while for a couple of bucks.

Bill Nye

Bill Nye with bone
instagram | Bill Nye

"My friend used to live in the same neighborhood as Bill Nye the Science Guy. She said that when the nights were clear he would invite the neighborhood to his yard and bring out his telescope and teach everyone about the stars and constellations." - u/chyeahbuddy


When the basketball star moved to join the Celts, he lived close to one Redditor. When they saw him in a Target that had just opened, they didn't recognize him at first. They just thought, "What an enormous man!"

Dave Grohl

Dave Grohl by fence
Giphy | Foo Fighters

"Dave Grohl is from my neighborhood. Seems like a really great guy, would happily stop for pictures with people in the supermarket. My friend's mom had a huge crush on him and would always cruise around hoping to catch him at the mart." - u/SugarForYourGasTank

Jenny McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy drinking
instagram | Jenny McCarthy

One Redditor lived across the street from Jenny McCarthy for a few years. They wrote that she was actually really nice. She once bought lemonade from the lemonade stand they had in front of their house, and her husband was really funny. He would ride his remote control car down our street.

Billy Joel

"I lived close to and in the same town as Billy Joel. He used to get drunk and drive his classic cars around town. He generally was a decent guy, some say he was an asshole. But one time he got drunk and crashed his car into my friend's aunts garage." - u/pkurk

Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney dancing
Giphy | Paul McCartney

A neighbor of the Beatles legend wrote that they've seen him on walks during the early morning many times. He also likes to work out in the gym and goes quite often. They like to think that the singer recognizes them, but they doubt it.

Steven Tyler

Steven Tyler hugging Chewbacca
instagram | Steven Tyler

"I live pretty close to Steven Tyler from Aerosmith. People always see him in the local Wal-mart, but I think the coolest fact is that he played at my mom's homecoming dance when he was just starting out." - u/dakaroni

The 'Twilight' cast

Twilight cast running

One woman was blessed to live next to the cast of Twilight when they were filming in Baton Rouge.

They lived in some apartments in a nice upscale community, and the person even lived in between them.

Dave Chapelle

"Dave Chappelle lives in Yellow Springs OH and came to Dayton a lot for karaoke and whatnot. I've ran into him a couple times and he is TALL AS [EXPLETIVE] and also awesome, extremely down to earth person." -U/MothOfTyrants

Mario Lopez

Mario Lopez and his wife
instagram | Mario Lopez

A Redditor shared that they live in the same neighborhood as Mario Lopez. Must be nice! They shared that he paid some of their neighbors to cut down their trees so he could have a better view. Oh, Mario.

Alan Jackson

Alan Jackson in cowboy hat

"My parents house in Florida is right next to Alan Jackson's (the country singer) pad. He takes care of his huge place all by himself. Kinda funny to see him doing yard work and whatnot when he's so super rich." - u/deleted


Growing up, a Redditor lived in a subdivision over from Marshall Mathers (Eminem) until he moved. They wrote that his stepbrother and his cousin (Nathan Mathers) went to their high school and were ridiculed for being related to him.

Roger Daltrey

Roger Daltrey
Giphy | AbsoluteRadio

He's from the band The Who. "He was a super nice guy and used to drink in the local pub, and my sister and I would play with his children, who were about the same age as us." - u/wait_a_bit

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson selfie
instagram | Jessica Simpson

In case you didn't know, Calabasas is home to many celebrities, such as the Kardashians. Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson even used to live there, which was close to one Redditor. They lived there while filming their show, Newlyweds.

Bruce McCulloch

Bruce McCulloch and his friends

"Bruce McCulloch from Kids in the Hall used to live two houses down from me when I was really young. From what my parents told me he was a super nice guy, but kept to himself for the most part." - u/deleted

Spike Lee

Many of the stories that have been told about Spike Lee haven't been so great... Like this one Redditor whose grandmother is neighbors with him. They once saw him leave a waitress in tears after he paid $5 for a $12 meal and then never returned with the rest of the money.

Pierce Brosnan

"I live in Malibu, CA. Pierce Brosnan lives down the street. I see him in Starbucks occasionally. Every time I hear him order a drink, I think to myself 'shaken, not stirred.'" -u/cairdeas. He could be a cool guy to live near!

Bill Gates

Bill Gate holding books
instagram | Bill Gate

"Bill Gates has a house near me. I was in the same tennis tournament as him last year but I didn't get to play him. I haven't gotten to have a real conversation with him, but through our brief encounters he seems like a really nice guy." - u/sunnysol17

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