It's Time To Stop Asking When Goldie Hawn And Kurt Russell Will Get Married

Taylor Sakellis
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There is no other celebrity couple that fills my heart with joy the way Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn do. Not only are they a gorgeous, timeless duo, but they have also done things their way and don't care what anyone thinks! I know, right? Me, praising a couple that is so lovey-dovey — is there something wrong with me? Well, yes, of course, there is, but it has nothing to do with Goldie and Kurt!

While I will continue to list all the things I love about them, this article is in homage to their decision to not tie the knot. In a world that feels like a long checklist of milestones and to-do boxes to fill in, I love that Goldie and Kurt have chosen to share their lives together despite never making it "official." For that reason, I think it's time everyone stops trying to tell them otherwise.

It's no secret to anyone in a long-term relationship that every single pair is different and unique in its own, special way.

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While my ideal date night is a bottle of wine on the couch with my hubby and a good horror flick, my best friend prefers martinis and a steakhouse with her man, and that's the beauty of individuality.

Speaking of individuals, that's truly the LAST word I would use to describe Goldie Hawn, or her long-time love, Kurt Russel.

Sure, they've never officially signed a paper saying they're bound for life, but we all know how useless those things are these days anyway, amirite ladies?

In case you forgot, Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn have been an item since 1983 — that's 39 years!

These two lovebirds first sparked their relationship on the set of Swing Shift and have been making magic on, and off-screen, ever since!

The family they have built and nurtured together is one of my favorite parts about this iconic duo.

Oh, and their hair, of course. Their hair is just fantastic. Name a pair with better hair than them, I dare!

Despite their clear devotion to one another, some fans are still not satisfied with their level of commitment and insist on mentioning their lack of nuptials.

Back in 2020, the pair made it clear that they had no intentions of tying the knot ever — unless, of course, it bothered their children.

As fans of the famous pair already know, Kurt is father to son Boston Russell from his previous marriage, and Goldie is mother to Oliver and Kate Hudson from her previous marriage, and together, they share one son — Wyatt Russell.

Speaking with the TODAY show in 2020, the actors explained why they haven't gotten married.

"We'd both been married and divorced," Kurt explained. "What was the point?"

"Marriage didn't work for either one of us," Goldie added. "I'm not saying that it wouldn't work again, but I didn't think that we really needed to get married. I like it better that way," the actress continued.

"You know, I haven't lost who I am. I didn't merge with someone else. You know, there are lots of things that Kurt and I are very alike on, and lots of things that we're not alike on."

"I don't think 'oh my God we don't think alike about this' therefore the grass is greener I want a divorce," she continued. "There is no such thing as a divorce when you're living together it's weird."

"We said if this is ever an issue, if the kids feel we need to do this, then we’ll get married," Kurt added.

“They didn't want us to get married!" Goldie laughed. "They said they liked it!" She continued: "One of the areas of having children and building a family together, what you're building are these amazing memories."

"I mean, Kurt came into our life, into our two children['s and my life] when I was single parenting. He just was like an angel, really," Goldie gushed at the time.

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The fact that Kurt has stepped in and stepped up for Goldie's children with no "legal" obligation to do so further proves the pair's love is unconditional.

Goldie has gone so far as to say she believes marriage would have been the end for her and Kurt.

Back in 2015, the blonde bombshell admitted she didn't feel the need to be "attached" to her beau in a traditional sense.

"I would have been long divorced if I’d been married. Marriage is an interesting psychological thing. If you need to feel bound to someone, then it's important to be married," she explained.

"If you have independence, if you have enough money and sense of independence and you like your independence, there’s something psychological about not being married because it gives you the freedom to make decisions one way or the other."

"For me, I chose to stay. Kurt chose to stay, and we like the choice."

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For Goldie, family is the truest form of commitment, and happiness, there can be.

Speaking with Australian Women's Weekly, the actress said: "A good family is the answer to happiness."

"I look at our kids and grandchildren and there's nothing in the world that could make me as proud as I am of all of them."

As you can see, this pair prides themselves on the family they've built together — as they should!

So, from now on, can we please make a promise to stop asking when these two Hollywood legends plan on tying the knot?

It would be considered declasse to ask that in a conversation with someone in your real life, so why should it be okay online?

If anything, we should be celebrating this pair and their decision to not give into societal pressures.

I think we all know a couple or two who got married because they felt like they "should" — only to get divorced a few years later.

If it works for their family and their kids don't mind, then whose business is it to tell them otherwise? NOT OURS, that's for sure!