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OPA! Nia Vardalos Confirms 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3' Is In The Works

Calling all fans of romantic comedies that are produced by Tom Hanks — I need your attention right now! Get yourself a shot of ouzo and let me tell you about the lump on the back of my neck because TODAY is a brilliant day. Today is the day I get to tell you that the most important film of all time, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, is getting a THIRD installment.

Not only did this film bring Greek heritage to the forefront, but it made many people with overbearing families feel seen, and I can't wait to see what the Portokalos + Miller families are going to be up to in 2023.

The best thing about "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" is that you don't need to be a Greek, or marry a Greek, to understand its comedy.

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As a second-generation Greek myself, my family looked to this film to explain everything about our heritage to our non-Greek friends.

Growing up, I was always asked if my Yiayia and Pappou used Windex on everything, or if we really roasted entire lambs on our own front lawn.

Nia Vardalos was our Greek-Canadian hero. She was the woman who wrote this hilarious story that moved THE Rita Wilson to produce it and get hubby Tom Hanks in on it, too.

Now, 20 years after the release of the first film, Nia has confirmed that a THIRD film is underway.

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As fans of the film franchise know, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 was released in 2016 and was a real treat for fans of the original film.

Taking to her social media platforms, the 59-year-old shared the exciting news.

"We are in Greece filming My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3," she told her followers, before thanking them for all their supportive and sweet messages in the years they've been waiting.

As you can imagine, fans of the cult-classic film are celebrating the exciting news.

While we don't have many details yet, I feel confident enough saying that it will be a hit for all of us who loved the first two films.