Dick Van Dyke, 96, Says He's Happy To Be Alive After Lowkey Father's Day

Jordan Claes
Dick Van Dyke with long white hair and a full beard.
instagram | @official_dick_van_dyke

Dick Van Dyke is a national treasure.

Getting old sucks. For the vast majority of us, our bodies begin to break down, our minds betray us, and we eventually become a shadow of the person we once were.

But not Dick Van Dyke. Even at 96 years old, Dick is still singing and dancing with all the zest and energy of a man half his age.

Recently, a camera crew from The Daily Mail caught up with Dick in order to wish him a Happy Father's Day. True to form, Dick just smiled and replied how he's just happy to still be here.

Dick Van Dyke is an American legend of both the big and small screen.

Dick Van Dyke dancing on 'The Dick Van Dyke Show'.

Over the course of the 96-year-old actor's historic career, Dick has appeared in some of the most iconic and monumental films of his or any generation.

Some fans grew up watching him in 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang'.

Dick Van Dyke dressed up as a toy in 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang'.
United Artists | United Artists

Dick played oddball inventor Caracatus Potts in this highly underrated children's classic. Not only is this film hilarious and imaginative, but it also boasts an irresistible collection of sing-a-long songs.

Younger viewers may recall Dick from his pivotal role as Cecil in 'A Night At The Museum'.

Dick Van Dyke as Cecil in 'A Night At The Museum'.
20th Century Fox | 20th Century Fox

I'll admit, the sequels kind of fell off the rails — but that first film in the trilogy is the stuff that children's dreams are made of.

But for the vast majority of movie-going audiences, Dick will forever be known as Bert from 'Mary Poppins'.

Bert dancing with the penguins in 'Mary Poppins'.
Giphy | Old Hollywood Films

Sure, his English accent might have been the worst to ever grace the big screen. But it doesn't change the fact that Dick's performance in the film is nothing short of splendid.

Recently, Dick was spotted leaving a restaurant after having lunch with a close friend.

Dick Van Dyke, Arlene Silver, and Carl Reiner.
instagram | @official_dick_van_dyke

In typical Dick Van Dyke fashion, the actor was all smiles and in high spirits — more than happy to answer questions and throw a quick wave to passers-by.

An associate working on behalf of 'The Daily Mail' was quick to offer Dick a Happy Father's Day message.

Dick Van Dyke putting his hand to his face.
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At first, Dick seemed shocked to hear that Father's Day was already upon us. "Oh my gosh, is that this Sunday?" Dick asked the camera crew.

True to form, Dick made sure to thank 'The Daily Mail' for their well-wishes.

Dick Van Dyke and Arlene Silver hugging.
instagram | @official_dick_van_dyke

"I'm just glad to still be here," Dick said with a smile. He then climbed into his car, took the wheel with all the confidence of a man more than half his age, and drove away.

Dick was also spotted leaving a Malibu pharmacy with a can of Neutrogena micro-mist self-tanning spray in hand.

Ross getting sprayed with self tanner in 'Friends'.
Giphy | Friends

Over the years. many people have often wondered what Dick's secret is to living such a long and vibrant life. Who would've thought that the answer would be self-tanner?

All joking aside, the real answer may have something to do with the fact that Dick still lives out his passions.

This past Valentine's Day, Dick and his wife, Arlene Silver, released a dancing duet rendition of "Everybody Loves A Lover." To date, the video has racked up more than 1 million views on YouTube.

On top of making singing and dancing a part of his daily routine, Dick credits his longevity to "Good genes and not getting hit by a bus."

man getting hit by a taxi cab in the street.
Giphy | The Detour

He told Closer Weekly that "I’ve always been an exerciser and I still am. I go to the gym three days a week, get in the pool, and exercise."

"At my age, they say to keep moving. Put me on solid ground and I’ll start tapping!" he joked.

Dick truly is one of a kind. Like a fine wine, he only seems to get better and more endearing with age.