Heinz And Wonder Finally End Mismatch Between Hot Dogs And Buns

Ashley Hunte
A hotdog with ketchup, mustard, mayo, and a bun.
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There's an age-old issue that's been plaguing hotdog-lovers all over: there are always too many hotdogs and not enough buns. They sell hotdogs in packs of 10, but only sell buns in packs of eight.

It's almost like the hotdog companies and the bun companies don't want us to have nice things or something. It's actually kind of ridiculous.

Well, this summer, you may be able to buy a pack of hot dog buns that will match up with a pack of hotdogs.

Starting on June 23rd, Heinz and Wonder are teaming up to bring hotdog buns that come in packs of 10.

This is the result of years of hoping (and a year of planning).

Last year, Heinz launched a petition to end the hotdog/bun disparity once and for all. With over 34,000 signatures, the company put their plan into motion, and unveiled the Wonder hot dog bun 10-packs earlier this month.

And they can be yours... if you live in Canada.

A plate of hotdogs with ketchup, mustard, and relish.
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Ontario, Canada, to be more precise. Right now, this is the only region where these buns will be available. But, it looks like the company has plans to bring similar ideas to other parts of the world.

Nina Patel, Head of North American Brand Communications, Kraft Heinz Company, released a statement on the matter.

Two hands holding a hotdog covered in ketchup and mustard.
Unsplash | Peter Secan

"Heinz has brought hot dogs and buns together for more than a century, so we felt like it was our duty as the world's most iconic ketchup to rally our passionate fans and champion change for the age-old issue of unequal buns and wieners packs," she said.

This is a really big deal for the hotdog-loving community.

A person squeezing ketchup onto various hotdogs.
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"Today marks a monumental day for hot dog fans and we're thrilled to announce that Heinz has done it. We brokered a partnership with Wonder® to finally create buns in packs of 10."

A spokesperson for Wonder also delivered a statement.

"Wonder has been delighting Canadians since 1927. When Heinz created the Heinz Hot Dog Pact, the sheer volume of public response was too big to ignore," said Kelly Backer, Head of Brand & Category development, Wonderbrands.

Because, of course, the buns are just as important as the hotdogs.

A shelf filled with stacks of hotdog and hamburger buns.
Unsplash | Hermes Rivera

"With many of our fans speaking up about this issue, we saw this as an opportunity for Wonder to partner with our friends at Heinz and finally give hot dog fans what they've longed for," she continued.

Upon launch, the 10 packs of buns will be available in major Ontario retailers.

Several hotdogs on a restaurant counter.
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This summer, Ontario residents will be able to expect to find these special packs at a variety of retailers, including No Frills, Loblaws, and Shoppers Drug Mart.

For other parts of North America, the wait is on.

Three hotdogs with mustard and ketchup on them.
Unsplash | Timoune Aracama

Heinz is really eager to bring matching quantities of buns and wieners to regions all around the continent, and are urging hotdog-lovers from all over to sign their online petition.

Which means there's hope that the hotdog discrepancy will be over soon!

Hitting Ontario shelves just in time for summer, this is definitely going to be a gamechanger for anyone looking to spend some time out with their barbecue.

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