Amazing Freezie Hack Is Here To Change Lives

Lex Gabrielle
kids eating ice pops
Unsplash | Meghan Schiereck

TikTok is the most perfect place to get tips and tricks for everyone. While people can generally be the worst sometimes, it seems that on social media, they are the absolute best.

They share all of their ideas, discoveries, and life hacks that we can all definitely use. With summer right around the corner, summer hacks are what we need in our lives.

Everyone knows that ice pops are synonymous with summer.

kid holding up ice pops
Unsplash | Sharon McCutcheon

Getting them in those big packs and throwing them in the freezer is definitely where it is at when the summertime rolls around. We all love to have a good ice pop when it's sweltering hot out.

Of course, they are super annoying to open and eat.

Unsplash | Alex Gruber

Opening them can be a real hassle with needing to find a scissor and then, of course, when you eat them far down enough, the plastic starts to get a bit annoying.

Fortunately, TikTok is here to help.

Woman filming tiktok with ice pop
TikTok | TikTok l carrie_official.1

This mom found a way to crack the old-school ice pops/freezies that are usually such a hassle to eat. All you need to do is get a good grip on them and before you know it, you have two.

Bam! Two popsicles.

Woman filming tiktok about ice pops
TikTok | TikTok l carrie_official.1

You now have two popsicles and to be honest, it's a great idea. Why haven't we thought of this beforehand? It truly is the easiest and most common-sense hack, that none of us have ever thought of, ever.

Other moms had to, of course, try the hack for themselves.

Mom snapping ice pop on tiktok video
TikTok | TikTok l carrie_official.1

Other TikTok users and parents wanted to make sure it wasn't just a one-off. As seen in the videos, the hack totally works and makes it easy to even have kids share them, too.

Of course, there are other summer hacks you can do for the summer.

someone screaming summer
Giphy | ABC Network

Grab out your journal and take some notes because the next couple of hacks are just as good as the freezie one, I can promise you that!

Grab a plastic bag for the beach or the pool.

When you're at the beach or at the pool, you'll want to use your phone but don't want it to get wet. If you grab a plastic bag from home, you can still use your phone but keep water off of it.

Use a dryer sheet in your car.

If your car smells like hot sweat in the summer because of the heat, using a dryer sheet can help. Pin the dryer sheet in front of the A/C vent in your car so when the A/C blows, it'll smell like fresh laundry.

Use a baby diaper to keep things safe at the beach.

At the beach, you may want to go swimming but don't want to leave your belongings on the beach alone. If you wrap them up in a clean diaper, no one will think that you have your phone or wallet in there.

Stop dripping popsicles.

If your kids are having popsicles, you can put a cupcake holder underneath the dripping popsicles and it'll catch the dripping popsicles without getting your kids' clothes dirty. No more stains and laundry piles anymore—all summer long!

Make a plastic bottle sprinkler.

Unsplash | Mohammad Rezaie

If you have a plastic bottle, you can pop a few holes in it and then put the opening of the hose inside. The water will squirt out of the holes that you poked inside of it, and it'll make a makeshift sprinkler.