20 Good Ideas That Get A Standing Ovation From Us

Hilt of a samurai sword used as a car's shift knob
reddit | MarkHAZE86

What makes a good idea a good idea? Well, for starters, it'll ideally be the complete, diametric opposite of a bad idea.

But there's a little bit more to it than that. It doesn't need to be life-changing, nor does it need to solve humanity's biggest problems. But hopefully, at the very least, it demands a bit of a closer look.

"A Coke can with a cover to keep the top clean."

Coke can with foil lid on top
reddit | VoKai

I once heard a story about soda cans allegedly containing rat urine from being stored in warehouses. Urban legends aside, I've never been able to put the story out of my head, which might explain why I like fancy foil lids on soda cans so much.

"I have a Del Taco coupon that expires in the year 2106."

Del Taco coupon with a 2106 expiry date
reddit | TiptoeRat

We need more coupons that won't expire during our natural lifetime. There's nothing worse than getting some awesome coupons in the mail, only to find out that they expire in the next ten minutes.

"Remove your ice tray to get unlimited ice."

Ice tray removed from freezer to maximize amount of ice made
reddit | Zombilicious

Unless you're some kind of luddite who has to fill up your own ice cube trays, you might find this tip useful. After all, there's nothing worse than running out of ice at a party.

"Put a rubber band around the inside of the pockets of your shorts and never have to worry about your phone or keys on a run."

Rubber band placed around pocket to keep valuables from falling out
reddit | [deleted]

This is a fantastic little hack that had never occurred to me before. Wearers of loose-fitting, small-pocketed basketball shorts can rejoice.

"My sister replaced her office chair wheels with rollerblade wheels."

Inline skate wheels used instead of regular casters on office chair
reddit | Nsmith1881

The typical plastic casters on office chairs are noisy and prone to getting stuck. The wheels for inline skates, on the other hand, glide like a dream. This chair must feel great to scoot across the hardwood floor.

"You can connect two ziplock bags by flipping one inside out to make a larger one."

Two Ziploc bags, one flipped inside-out, attached to create a larger bag
reddit | Vega_128

I'm impressed by this elegant hack, which finds a way to fit two Ziploc bags together. I'm also kind of baffled that someone would have cause to put a keyboard inside.

"Ordered a new knife, they give you two Band-Aids with it."

New knife comes with two bandages in the package
reddit | Butt-chicken

Even if you think you know knives, a brand-new, freshly-sharpened, expensive knife will make you humble in a hurry. The bandages are a gimmick, sure, but they also serve a very practical purpose.

"I got a $0 parking ticket."

A $0 parking ticket
reddit | charlton92s

To be clear, I'm not saying that getting a parking ticket is a good idea. I am saying that getting a parking ticket in the amount of zero dollars would be an immense relief.

"Someone was throwing away a Mutt Cutts style child wagon."

Children's wagon styled after Mutt Cutts van from Dumb & Dumber
reddit | Skel_Estus

If you're of a certain age, Dumb & Dumber may just occupy a special spot in your heart. I would absolutely take this wagon, and I don't even have kids.

"My brother's car is stitched together with washing line.

Damaged car stitched together with washing line
reddit | OceanSupernova

If you don't care about looks, this solution works really well when it comes to mending bumpers. Fixing this professionally often entails replacing a bunch of the car's body, which can get costly in a hurry.

"The wall of this house my mom is selling is all glass."

Interior shot of house's all-glass walls
reddit | Ok_Faithlessness1896

Glass will never insulate as well as other materials, but it sure does look pretty when you get a lot of it in a house. The view from this room is absolutely gorgeous.

"Empanada place by my work stamps each one so you can differentiate the filling."

Empanadas stamped with numbers to differentiate flavor
reddit | dirty_nachos

I like this solution to the age-old problem that affects all handheld pastries: finding out what's inside that flaky, golden-brown crust. These pies, for instance, are full of...uh, number one and number two.

"Even about 2000 years later, the Croatians are still using their Roman colosseum for fighting."

Boxing ring set up inside ancient amphitheater
reddit | motorcycle-manful541

Stadiums in the modern age are sometimes considered obsolete after just a couple of decades. These old amphitheaters, on the other hand, are still good to go after more than a thousand years.

"I found one random ketchup from last Halloween at the grocery store."

Heinz ketchup branded as 'tomato blood'
reddit | kvlt_ov_personality

If you're the kind of person who feels a tinge of guilt every time they put a bunch of sugary, savory ketchup on their fries, this is a good solution. 'Tomato blood' sounds so much better than 'sugar sauce.'

"I bought a can of regular beer."

Can labelled 'Regular beer: a beer that tastes like beer"
reddit | notimeleft4you

Here's a product that should resonate with plenty of people. It's all well and good to talk about how hoppy or floral or malty a beer might be, but at the end of the day, sometimes all you really want is a regular beer.

"Mexican government puts warnings on high sugar and caffeine products with the warning 'not for children.'"

Mexican government warning on high-sugar soda states 'not for children'
reddit | YaGuey09

We're seeing more and more jurisdictions put labels on things that are harmful — not just the usual substances like alcohol and tobacco, but also stuff like overly sugary treats. Mexico's encountered some pushback for this initiative, but props to them for sticking to their guns.

"In Vancouver, trained raptors (and handlers) have been hired to keep aggressive seagulls away from public eating areas."

Trained bird of prey along with handler to keep gulls away from people
reddit | rohanmen

I was a little disappointed upon seeing this pic, because the 'trained raptors' caption got me all excited. That said, this is still a cool idea. Seagulls need to eat and all that, but they can get pretty ornery.

"The book my SO purchased came with a bookmark that listed the character’s names and their roles."

Bookmark that includes information on characters and plot
reddit | koshkapianino

I'd like to see a world where every book comes with its own bespoke bookmark. Not only does it serve as a valuable cheat sheet of sorts, it also serves its purpose as a bookmark.

"Impounded Jeep guy just switched tires with impounded wheel and drove away."

Impounded tire removed, replaced, and put on back of Jeep
reddit | iamnandy

You'd think the worker who put the boot on this wheel would have added some extra security measures. After all, Jeeps are known for having an extra wheel that's easily accessible and ready to go.

"My cousin’s samurai sword shift knob."

Hilt of a samurai sword used as a car's shift knob
reddit | MarkHAZE86

This looks like a pretty average car interior, but the whole thing is elevated by the fact that the shift knob is a freakin' samurai sword. If ancient samurai had had cars, this is what they'd look like.