Mom Gets Called Out For Color-Coding Her Twins: 'It Isn't Fair To Them'

Kasia Mikolajczak
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If you have ever had twins, you know the dilemma. How do you tell them apart? I bet many parents have racked their brains on that one. One mom came up with an idea to dress her twins in different colors, so it's a little easier on her and her husband as parents.

But apparently, that didn't sit well with one member of her family. So she headed to the Reddit "AITA" community to find out if she was the one in the wrong here.

This mom has a set of identical twins who are 1.5-years-old.

Twin boys wearing blue outfits with a rainbow on them.
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As tired parents often can attest, it's pretty hard to tell them apart when they're that young. So she decided to dress one twin in blue outfits and the other in green to help her and her husband out.

But then she got called out by one of the couple's relatives.

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This was over the holiday season when the babies were wearing different colored outfits. Apparently, the rest of the family appreciated the parents doing this as it also helped them distinguish the tykes.

But this one cousin had an issue with it.

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She cornered the mother and told her that she was stifling the boys’ individuality since she was forcing them to dress how she wants. Hmm, interesting. But this wasn't over.

The mom told her husband's cousin that she plans to vary the clothing options.

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She's just waiting for the twins to turn around 3-years-old, and that's when the cousin really went ballistic on her, telling the mom that this isn't fair to them.

The mom had this to say:

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She basically tried to explain that the kids are way too young to tell anyway. They don't get to pick their clothes or anything. So what's the big deal? Well, that didn't go over well either.

So she headed over to Reddit to ask people whether she was the asshole here.

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And here's what they had to say. This is the funniest one of them all.

"NTA. In the nicest way possible, the stance your husband's cousin is taking is nuttier than squirrel turds. They're a year and a half. Every baby at that age is 'forced' to dress how their parents want them to. They are small and have very little pocket money with which to purchase clothing, and they rarely have the fine motor skills necessary to dress themselves."


This user has point here, no?

Woman saying "A thousand times yes!"
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I also loved what this person said here.

"[To be honest] having them wear the same outfits would be worse because then they'd have NO individuality... At least they have their 'own' colors with which to feel individual."

She's basically killing this innocent moment for the parents.

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"Yep, there is no 'forcing' to dress at that age. I miss that age when they’d just helpfully poke their arms through the arm holes as you’re dressing them, blissfully unaware of how they look. Wait until they turn 4 and develop 'opinions' like my 4-year-old who’s been going out as Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer for the whole month of December! But yeah, at age 1.5 if they’re neat, clean, and warm, who cares what they’re wearing?"

Amen to that!

Whose side are you on?

Man drinking from a cup saying "mind your business."

Do you side with the mom who says the kids don't care at this age? Or do you think the cousin has a point here? Honestly, just let the kids be. They're happy, taken care of, and have the best parents. What else can you ask for, huh? This cousin is reaching for straws, that's all. And she should just "butt-out."