SUV dodging falling rocks on road near Yellowstone National Park
instagram | @banannekin

Car Narrowly Avoids Falling Rocks While Escaping Yellowstone Floods In Tense Clip

In an effort to escape the massive flooding responsible for the recent Yellowstone road closures and evacuations, the occupants of one vehicle barely managed to avoid getting crushed by falling rocks.

Although people have always had to deal with frightening situations on a daily basis, the more recent possibility that someone is filming us at all times makes it easier to catch sight of these incidents right as they're unfolding.

And while many of the dangers in our lives can come from other people, the videos that come from these tense situations also remind us how powerful nature is and how easily and suddenly we can end up on its bad side.

That's been readily apparent to anyone who has spent the past few days stranded at Yellowstone National Park, but one harrowing video shows that the floods aren't the only thing to worry about there.

Be advised that the video featured in this article contains explicit language

Since June 13, all entrances to Yellowstone National Park have remained closed since record-breaking floods have devastated the park's north side.

aerial view of the northern road into Yellowstone National Park as it's destroyed by flooding
twitter | @YellowstoneNPS

According to NPR, this can be attributed to heavy rains loosening snowpack in the area's surrounding mountains, which has made rivers rise to levels unseen since 1918.

As we can see here, these high rivers have steadily lapped at the roads leading into Yellowstone's northern side until parts of them have crumbled.

As a result, nearby communities have evacuated and thousands of visitors and area residents (most notably in Gardiner, Montana) were left stranded.

But even those who were able to escape the flooding have had to remain on the lookout as they made their way out of Yellowstone.

SUV driving on mountainside road near Yellowstone National Park
instagram | @banannekin

As People reported, that became abundantly clear in one brief video uploaded to Instagram on June 14.

Because while one user named Anne Leppold reported that she got out of the park safely, that wasn't before she happened to record a perilous scene unfolding in front of her.

And while it's clearer in the full video, we can see here that the red SUV Leppold was following suddenly found itself surrounded by falling rocks.

SUV dodging falling rocks on road near Yellowstone National Park
instagram | @banannekin

And while some of those rocks did bounce towards the vehicle and strike it after they touched the ground, the SUV was able to narrowly avoid any of them falling directly onto it.

Considering how many could be seen falling during the incident, it's hard not to see this as a lucky break regardless of the damage caused.

As far as Leppold could tell, those riding in the vehicle seemed OK and able to proceed in their journey away from the park.

And while she figured out her next move, she left her viewers with one final warning.

As she put it in her post, "Stay safe anyone nearby, and don’t go to Yellowstone for a while."

h/t: People