Bride Divides Opinion After She Slams 'Selfish' Friends For Ditching Her Wedding

Lex Gabrielle
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Your wedding day is supposed to be one of the most important days of your life. Many brides put a lot of time and effort into planning their wedding day.

Sometimes, they get pretty upset and bothered when others interfere and step in the way of it. Despite a wedding being about the couple themselves, other people do play a vital role in their special day.

Many couples want their friends and family there.

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People have big weddings because they want other people to be there to celebrate their special day. Having your closest friends and family there makes the day that much more meaningful.

However, sometimes, things happen in life that prevent this from happening.

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Although friends and family do want to spend your special day with you, there are some things in life that happen and come up that prevent them from attending.

One bride recently opened up about her frustration when a friend of hers said she could not attend her wedding.

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In a post shared on Reddit, the bride said that she was extremely upset about a friend of hers possibly not attending her wedding due to an IUD procedure. She said she was upset because they have known about the wedding for 16 months already.

She said she had "already picked out their plates, etc."

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On top of wanting them at their wedding, they also already paid for their plates and their seats. They didn't even find out from the couple themselves but from another friend.

She's also upset because another wedding guest said they're "not drinking" at their wedding.

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One of their closest friends is trying to have a baby, so they're not going to be drinking at their wedding. She added "none of them are staying at the hotel after" with them either.

She said she's just upset because she feels as though they do not care.

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She gets that it's her wedding and not their wedding, but she also feels upset that they do not make it a priority at all to be apart of it.

Many people said that it was wrong of her to be so upset about the drinking.

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"I don't drink often because of health reasons/possible medication reactions. If someone was angry I wasn't drinking I would no longer be their friend. I wouldn't even come to the wedding," shared Advanced_Fan_874.

One person said if anyone is "more excited" than the couple, it's a problem.

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MoreThan2_LessThan21 shared that if there is anyone who comes to your wedding that is more excited than you are, then there is a problem. The couple should be the most excited about their own wedding day.

However, someone said the "last minute" cancellation was wrong.

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"I was on her side at the beginning with being pissed that 6 days away they find out through someone else that two people aren't planning to come for whatever reason and hadn't let them know," shared YouAreTheTurkey.

One added it's "hard" when people move to the next phase of their life.

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"That said it is hard when your friend group has moved on to the next phase of life and your events aren't given the same enthusiasm let's call it. It's understandable. But it kind of sucks so I have a twinge of sympathy. Just a twinge," added sew-sarcastic.

Others said they get it.

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retsnomxig shared that the post isn't just about the person who isn't drinking, but more so that her "closest friends" feel like the wedding isn't important to them, even if it's not their own wedding.