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Celebrities Who Opened Up About When They Lost Their Virginity

Losing your virginity is a rite of passage. It's the moment in life when we effectually lose our childhood innocence and become adults — at least in the philosophical sense of the word.

For most of us, losing our virginity is far from glorious. In fact, it's usually messy, embarrassing, and short. So to help you feel less self-conscious on the subject, here is a list of celebrities who opened up about when they lost their virginity.

Joe Jonas was 20 years old when he lost his virginity to his then-girlfriend, Ashley Greene.

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Joe joked about how he himself didn't have any condoms at the time, and that he was forced to tear apart his drummer Jack's bedroom in order to find one.

Jessica Alba's first time having sex happened at 18, while she was engaged to ex-fiancé, Michael Weatherly.

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"I knew I wanted to be in love with the first person I slept with," Alba told Cosmopolitan. because for almost everyone I knew, the first experience made them feel like [expletive]."

Kit Harington was an early teen when he lost his virginity at a party.

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Kit admits that he was probably too young at the time to understand the ramifications of his actions, but that both he and the girl he was with at the time wanted to get it over and done with.

Courteney Cox was a virgin until she was 21.

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Ironically enough, Courteney said that she was coaxed into doing the deed after receiving a ridiculous pair of lace panties from her mother. Call me crazy, but the last person I'd want on my mind whilst losing my virginity would be my mother.

Macaulay Culkin was 15 when he lost his V-card, while listening to 'The White Album'.

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"It wasn’t gross or weird," Culkin said on the Anna Faris is Unqualified podcast. "We planned it. It was warm and sticky and I felt like, ‘Geez, this is weird. Am I doing it right?’”

The first time Tina Fey had sex, she was 24 years old and it was with her future husband, Jeff Richmond.

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During an appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman, Tina joked that at that time in her life, she couldn't have given away her virginity if she'd tried.

Lena Dunham couldn't wait to tell her mom after she lost her virginity.

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Lena said that she made the decision not to tell the guy she slept with that she was a virgin, only that she was inexperienced in matters of sex.

Ed Sheeran thinks that losing his virginity really wasn't that big of a deal.

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During a tell-all interview with Elle, the singer/songwriter said that "It's a benchmark in my life, but it wasn't the best thing I've ever done."

Miley Cyrus was 16 when she lost her virginity to Liam Hemsworth.

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I always thought that Nick Jonas and Miley were each other's first, but as it turns out — she didn't end up going all the way with someone until she met her future/ex-husband.

Chris Evans lost his virginity before moving to L.A. in order to pursue acting.

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As Chris explained during an interview with Esquire, the year 1999 was one of the best years of his entire life — until it wasn't.

Daniel Radcliffe is one of the few people who say that their first time was actually good.

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Dan told Elle that his first time was with someone whom he'd gotten to know very well and was incredibly close with.

Kevin Hart technically lost his virginity twice.

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"The first time, I couldn't tell whether we did it or not," Kevin wrote in his memoir. "This time, I was certain we did it. So I double lost my virginity. I had to lose it twice, just to make sure."

Angelina Jolie decided to take things to the next level after losing her virginity at 14.

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Angelina explained that she didn't feel as if the sex and emotion behind the act were enough. So to raise the stakes, she grabbed a knife and cut her then-boyfriend.

Lady Gaga lost her virginity at 17 and it was an all-around terrible experience.

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The main reason why Gaga claims that her first time was the worst time had to do with the fact that she simply wasn't ready.

Khloé Kardashian lost her virginity at 15 to a much older man.

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Khloé told Us Weekly that losing your virginity is far from fun. Not only do you not know what you're doing, but it's also painful. Khloé also said that she didn't orgasm for at least three years after losing her virginity.