Woman Uses Apple AirTag To Track Down Cheating Boyfriend, Runs Him Over

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An Apple AirTag in a holster attached to a carbineer.
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Some relationship cheating drama got extremely out of hand when one woman decided to stalk her boyfriend's movements using an Apple AirTag, tracking him down using the device's location, and running him with her car.

This case mirrors many spooky reports that have popped up over the past year involving AirTags being used by stalkers, leading some to question the safety of the product.

A woman reportedly used an Apple AirTag to track her boyfriend's whereabouts.

An Apple AirTag in someone's hand.
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An obsessive move that had some tragic ends.

Gayln Morris had suspected her boyfriend, Andre Smith, was cheating on her. To confirm her suspicions and see where he went when he wasn't with her, she put an AirTag in his car, now able to track his every movement.

She noticed he made a strange stop one night.

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So she drove to where the AirTag had stopped, the parking lot of a bar. She spoke to a few people outside before going in and seeing Smith talking to another woman.

Morris made a scene, grabbing an empty beer bottle and attempting to attack the woman Smith was talking to, but he stepped in and stopped it. The three of them were thrown out.

That wasn't the end of the fight.

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It continued in the parking lot before Morris got into her car. She then proceeded to hit Smith, knocking him under the wheels, backed over him, then hit him again.

Police arrived while Morris was still in the parking lot, and Smith was announced dead on the scene.

Witnesses told detectives that she had been talking about an AirTag.

An AirTag resting on a laptop, reflecting the colors present in the computer's wallpaper.
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When she has spoken to those patrons outside the bar, she told them that she'd tracked Smith there via a GPS device. She initially denied this when questioned, but eventually relented when threatened with a search warrant.

Morris has been charged with murder.

This story is similar to many others involving the AirTag.

An Apple AirTag in a holster attached to a carbineer.
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While it was initially designed to help keep track of one's belongings, there have been dozens of police reports that mention the AirTag being used against people in stalking cases.

Some even believe they could be linked to human trafficking cases.

Apple has yet to comment on any of these cases.

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Unless they implement an update to prevent these things from happening, it's unlikely they ever will. For most people, AirTags work as intended and are extremely helpful, but as with anything, it's worth being extra careful if you feel anything suspicious is going on.

Resources for victims of stalking can be found at the Stalking Prevention, Awareness, and Resource Center.

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