Firefighters Rescue Two People Who Fell Into A Chocolate Tank At A Mars Factory

Mason Joseph Zimmer
Augustus Gloop struggling in chocolate river in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
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Firefighters rescued two workers after they fell into a chocolate tank at a Mars candy factory in Pennsylvania.

Although any veteran first responder has basically seen it all, some of the oddest situations that see people stuck in embarrassing and uncomfortable positions often require the expertise of firefighters.

And while it's true that we can often find animals bumbling their way into these strange circumstances, we humans aren't always so good at avoiding disaster ourselves.

To be fair, not every jam we get ourselves into was clearly our fault and should have been an obviously bad idea. Sometimes we're just trying to go about our days and our fortunes turn bad enough that we end up stuck in a predicament that's funny to hear about after the fact, but very serious while it's actually happening.

And despite sounding like a mishap that we see in the movies, that describes the scene that unfolded at one candy factory well.

Two Mars Wrigley employees had a normal day take an unfortunate turn while they were working at an M&Ms factory in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania.

pile of colorful M&M candies
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According to CNN, both would end up falling into a tank full of liquid chocolate with no clear way out.

At this time, it remains unclear how either of them fell into the tank, let alone both of them.

But much like in the classic Willy Wonka movie, the experience was nowhere near as fun as it may sound.

Augustus Gloop struggling in chocolate river in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
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Although no injuries have been reported and it was unclear how long the workers were stuck in the tank, a representative from Lancaster County-Wide Communications described some circumstances to People that sounded uncomfortable.

They said, "They were up to their waist in chocolate" and added that the stuff was warm at the time.

From the sounds of it, the situation wasn't any easier to deal with from the perspective of the firefighters who responded.

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Because as Brad Wolfe — the communications supervisor for Lancaster County's 911 dispatch — said, "Fire crews have eliminated pulling them straight out of a tank."

So since the solution wasn't as easy as hoisting the workers out the way they fell in, firefighters ended up having to cut a hole into the side of the tank to free them.

And as a precaution, EMS crews were standing by while the rescue took place.

American ambulance in parking lot
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Although there were no injuries reported, both workers were nonetheless hospitalized following their ordeal. One was transported via ambulance, while the other apparently had to be airlifted by a helicopter.

According to a representative from Mars Wrigley, this was done to further evaluate the health consequences of their fall and time spent in the chocolate tank.

h/t: CNN