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Kat Von D Defends Herself After Getting 'Blackout' Tattoo

When it comes to tattoo artists, few people are as recognizable in the industry as Kat Von D. However, with the multiple controversies Kat's had, it's easy to forget what made the 40-year-old former TLC star famous in the first place.

Back in 2007, everyone was watching Kat and her team dole out intricate tattoos on LA Ink but now, it seems the mom of 1 has fallen out of love with some of these tats.

Kat Von D was once on top of the tattoo world.

Back before being totally tatted was as mainstream as it is now, Kat rose to stardom on the hit TLC show, Miami Ink, which premiered in 2005. You know, before TLC started making 15 different versions of 90 Day Fiancé.

Kat was soon given a spin-off show, "LA Ink" which went on to have a successful 4-year run before being canceled in 2011.

Since then, Kat herself has managed to get canceled on more than one occasion after a variety of controversies have come forward.

In 2018, Kat welcomed her son Leafer Von Drachenberg Reyes with her husband, author Rafael Reyes.

After a series of scandals, Kat stepped down from her successful makeup company and has been keeping a relatively low profile for the past few years while making a career shift to the music world.

However, Kat is back in the spotlight now after showing off her new blackout tattoos.

Back in 2018, Kat's blackout arm tattoo sent shockwaves across social media because many people had never seen anything like it.

Now, Kat's tried the same technique with her leg tattoos.

Sharing a photo of her new ink, the 40-year-old wrote: "I’m so happy with how this blackout tattooing by @hoode215 is coming together! Today we knocked out my entire upper thigh all the way to my butt [which I would share with you guys the entire tattoo, but you know I always like to keep it PG."

"Before anyone starts criticizing, I encourage you to remember that it’s ok not to like or even understand things."

"Trust me," she continued, "I’ve seen plenty of tattoos I personally would never get. And those differences make this world so much more interesting! So no need to comment any negativity."

She then went on to explain why she chose to cover up these tattoos specifically.

"Just know that I absolutely LOVE it, and it’s extremely refreshing for me to see all the garbage, drunken tattoos I had scribbled all over my leg that I got before I became sober, be covered by sleekness and simplicity."

To each their own, right?!