Fans Call On Adam Sandler To Stick To Serious Roles After 'Hustle' Performance

Elizabeth Spina
Adam Sandler, Netflix, "Hustle"
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Adam Sandler fans are urging him to continue making serious films like Uncut Gems, and his latest Netflix success, Hustle.

While the 55-year-old has been better known for starring in iconic comedies including Happy Gilmore and Grown Ups, his more recent, serious films have been garnering a lot of attention from fans who think he should continue doing that instead of returning to comedy.

Adam Sandler fans think that serious films may be his new calling.

Since the release of Uncut Gems in 2019, and his latest Netflix success, Hustle, fans are urging the 55-year-old actor to continue moving away from comedies.

Sandler got his start in acting by starring in lighthearted films like "Happy Gilmore," "Billy Madison," and "Big Daddy."

Adam Sandler in "Big Daddy"

For decades, he has been best known for playing goofier, more jovial characters.

While fans have adored Sander's comedic acting style, they've recently been impressed by his versatility.

His latest movie, Hustle — released on Netflix on June 8 — has garnered praise from fans who think he should stick to serious acting from here on out.

Many were taken aback by Sandler's ability to seamlessly change his trademark acting style.

"Adam Sandler killed the role on Hustle, that’s impressive from a comedian," one Twitter user penned.

Others, who were never a huge fan of his acting style are now having a change of heart after seeing his serious side.

Adam Sandler
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"Never really been a big Adam Sandler fan but I’m beginning to appreciate his more serious roles. Two for two with Uncut Gems and now Hustle," someone wrote.

"Adam Sandler has been absolutely nailing these dramatic roles!" another person tweeted.

Adam Sandler
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"Hustle is a true basketball love story, highlighting the sport's infrastructure of found family," they added, while someone else weighed in, calling this Sandler's "Oscars era."

"Watching that new Adam Sandler sports movie 'Hustle' and man, this dude is really in his 'I'm done being funny, I want OSCARS' era, huh?" they wrote.

Adam Sandler, "Uncut Gems"
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"The 'you love this game, but are you obsessed with it?' speech belongs in the hall of all-time great sports movie speeches," the fan added.

"'Hustle' is yet another reason why Adam Sandler should continue doing more serious material," another person commented on the film, adding:

"I’m not always big on sports movies but his performance makes this worth a watch."

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