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Men Share The Most Memorable Ways Women Have Flirted With Them

The art of flirting shouldn't be one-sided. While it's generally accepted that it's up to the man to make the first move (when talking about relationships between men and women), that doesn't mean it always has to be the case.

Men like the attention of a flirtatious exchange just as much as women, after all. So when asked what memorable ways women have flirted with men, the men of Reddit came up with some pretty interesting responses.

She saw an opportunity and went for it.

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"I dropped my phone at a bar and the girl sitting next to me said, 'Oh no, I hope it isn't broken, I have to give you my number and I don't have a pen.' It was incredibly clever and organic and I'll never forget it."

Talk about a smooth move.

A man whispering in a woman's ear; both are wearing wedding attire.
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"She motioned for me to listen to her whisper something, then instead she kissed me on the cheek."

I'm going to go ahead and assume that this wasn't the literal first time either person had ever spoken to the other, though.

It's important to keep flirting, even after you get married.

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"People would imagine this gets more stale with years of marriage but my wife will flirt and not realize how hot she's being," a Redditor's story began.

"Recently she walked just into the hall..."

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"...turned and smiled at me for a few seconds, and while still smiling and looking directly at me tipped her head briefly in the direction of the bedroom then turned and went in. I hopped off the couch pretty quick."


This is basically every rom-com to ever exist and I'm not complaining.

A masked woman winking while on a bus.
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"A girl just winked at me once. I did the whole thing where I looked behind me and everything."

I can see the movie trailer now, and it's amazing. Love that for this Redditor.

Sometimes something that isn't even flirting can be as good as flirting.

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"I was meeting a girl at a bus station and when she walked into the building she looked at me with the biggest genuine happy smile that I turned around to look for the source of her smile which I ultimately found out was me. Man that felt so good."

Don't let anyone tell you women can't make the first move.

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"Sitting at a bar with a girl on a blind date (after we'd already gone out to dinner together earlier that night). She rested her hand on my thigh. Literally no woman had ever done that before, and I just met this girl today."

"....I was always the one making all the effort and risking rejection and indicating my own interest first."

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"This time, she was making a move on ME. It had never happened before. We've been together for 13 years now, married for 11. And when I tell her about that thigh thing, she doesn't even remember doing it. She was a little drunk. Ha. But that was my sign that the date was, in fact, going very well."

I really hope he took the hint...

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"She came over and asked to borrow my salt. It was a restaurant. Every single table had salt."

I have to say, that woman is a lot bolder than I could ever hope to be.

I felt this one with my whole heart.

A woman telling a man that he's very cute.
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"She pointed at an ad and said 'that guy is cute like you.' First time I ever thought of myself as handsome."

Okay, I just love that. Make sure to compliment the men in your life!

Always make sure to check your phone.

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"At work, I shared a big office with two other guys. She would come in occasionally, sit down and shoot the [expletive]. One time she extended her hand for my phone and asked if I had any cool games on it."

"I had like one or two, so I handed it over, and she just sat there playing games for a few minutes."

A woman holding a phone to her ear and saying, "call me."
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"Then she got up, handed me the phone, and informed me her number was in it."

Very smooth.

Thought? Effort? Love to see it!

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"I was writing up my PhD thesis and not having a good time, and she was another student in the lab. She turned up one evening with a bottle of wine and some snacks and said 'I thought you could do with a break.' We're married now."

I bet he felt like the belle of the ball after that.

A man and woman dancing together.
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"SHE came up to ME and asked me to dance. Bonus points because it was in front of my friends."

I can't imagine how brave you have to be to ask someone to dance.

Well, why haven't you?

A woman saying to a man, "Just type your number in my phone and I'll text you so you'll have mine."
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"I was in a bar once and me and this girl kept locking eyes. Before I knew it she was walking towards me. She looked into my soul and said 'why haven’t you asked for my number yet?' and walked away. I almost fell out my chair lmao."

Put your money where your mouth is (sorry, I couldn't help myself).

A man and woman kissing while outside.
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"One girl danced with me and the first thing she said was she asked if I was a good kisser. I said yeah so she told me to prove it."

Without even skipping a beat.

A plow driving on a snow-covered city street.
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"When we were in our early 'maybe we're just friends' phase. She asked me how the roads were after a recent snow storm. I said, 'They could use a good plowing.' To which she responded, 'Yeah, well so could I.' We are now happily married."

The struggles of old technology can't get you down.

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"I was at a concert and a girl tapped me on the shoulder and when i looked over she showed me her phone and it said 'you’re cute' on it. This was back in Nokia days where each letter took several presses to type on the keypad."

I can guarantee there were empty tables.

A man and woman talking at a café table.
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"I was studying at a café and she sat down and chatted with me since 'the other tables were full' I didn't really think much of it until I was reviewing my notes for my exam later and found her phone number upside down at the top of one of the pages."

I guess feeling wanted is just as good as being flirted with.

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"Honestly, just gave me a genuine compliment about how safe she felt around me, said I was funny, and yes she wants to go on a second date. This was 5 years ago, our wedding is in July."