Family Renovates Old Shed Into A Stunning Tiny Home

Kasia Mikolajczak
shed turned into a tiny home a couple DIY renovated themselves
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Let me ask you something: if you could turn an old shed into the cutest tiny home that you can build yourself, would you? And what if I told you that it would cost under $20,000? That's a pretty good idea, huh?

Well, that's exactly what this one family did when they embarked on this shed reno DIY. So let's find out more about it, okay?

A Texas couple inherited 70 acres of land in Fayetteville, Texas.

farm land
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And with it came a shed they decided to turn into their transitional home. They thought it could serve as a perfect place for their family until they could save enough money to build a forever home.

So they embarked on a nine-month DIY renovation.

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As it turns out, it wasn't exactly an easy task. The 280-square-foot shed was built in the '80s and was being used as a storage space. There was no plumbing nor a proper electrical system.

But that didn't stop them from renovating it on a budget.

Texas couple who renovated an old shed into a tiny home
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To save on costs, the couple did most of the renovation work themselves, including installing partition walls, adding windows, and restoring the roof. They were able to use the insulation, which was in good shape.

They were also able to retain the original flooring.

In addition to that, they added extra windows to improve ventilation and let in extra natural light. The couple also vaulted the ceilings in what would become the living room and kitchen area.

Then they repainted the shed exterior.

old shed turned into a tiny home
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They gave the roof a new coat of galvanized paint to protect it from rust and corrosion. The good news is that they were also able to reuse some materials they already had on the property, like lumber and such.

Check this out.

They even decided to repurpose an old barn door as the front door of their new home. Wow! How cool is that, huh? And they switched around the entrance to their new shed home so it would be how they wanted.

The renovation wasn't without challenges.

The biggest issue was creating new walls to partition the space into rooms. The couple has two kids, so they obviously needed to accommodate that. They decided to section off two rooms from the combined kitchen and living area to create a bedroom and a bathroom.

How did they do all this tiny home renovation by themselves?

Well, YouTube helped, hee-hee. In addition to all the dirty work required to turn this old shed into a tiny home the couple also added an 8-foot porch on the front door. It's a great hang-out for the family in the evenings so they can watch the sun go down.

The couple used an electrical company to hook them up to the line.

Texas couple who renovated their shed into a tiny home sitting on the porch with their kids
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But they did all the wiring work themselves. Their friends and family also chipped in as much as they could, so overall it cost them about $16,000 to DIY this shed into the tiny home of their dreams.

In the end, they have a three-bedroom space filled with rustic furniture and a gorgeous farmhouse-style kitchen. What do you think of this family endeavor? Would you live in a shed-turned-family tiny home?