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Man Angry For Buying Drinks For Date All Night After Finding Out What She Does

Going out on a date or meeting someone at a bar can be a lot of fun when you're single and looking to mingle. Getting to know someone new is something many people enjoy doing.

However, things can go south rather quickly when people begin to chat and get to know one another. And, when the drama ensues, some are left wondering who was truly in the wrong for their actions.

Recently, one Reddit user asked if she was in the wrong for what happened while out for drinks with a guy.

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"My friend "Grace" invited me to a board game bar to play and have drinks with her, her boyfriend, and one of their friends 'Nick.'

We went to get drinks in pairs, Grace going with her boyfriend, meanwhile Nick and I stayed at the table and vice versa. So Nick and I had plenty of time to talk just the two of us," she started to share on Reddit.

Nick had shared he had a recent career change.

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Nick shared with the Reddit user that he had a recent career change and decided to quit his previous job and go to coding camp. He now works as a developer a few months ago and makes a better salary.

He was bragging a lot about his new job and his salary.

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"He never asked me what I do for work, but talked about his new job quite a lot, occasionally saying 'sorry, you don't understand that, haha.'

During the entire evening, I never told him I has been working as a software engineer for the past 4 years, because he never asked, and honestly, I found it a bit entertaining," she wrote.

She also said he kept buying her drinks all night.

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Every time he got another round, he kept telling the Reddit user "not to worry" and the drinks would be on him. She said numerous times that he didn't have to, but he insisted every single time.

At the end of the night, he asked to have her Facebook to add her as a friend.

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On her Facebook profile, the Reddit user's job is listed as a "software developer." Nick was surprised and asked if it was true. He then proceeded to ask why she hadn't told him sooner and made him "feel stupid."

He also said it was "wrong" that he paid for all of her drinks.

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Nick apparently also got mad that he had paid for all of her drinks, claiming she "probably makes more than him," anyway. The Reddit user said that she never once asked him to buy her drinks and he insisted.

The Reddit user said now her friends are also on his side.

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"He was a angry and said I made a fool out of him. I think he did that, not me. But now Grace and her boyfriend are on his side too, saying that it would've cost me nothing to tell him early in the evening and I only kept it for myself for my own entertainment," she wrote.

Reddit users chimed in saying she definitely wasn't wrong.

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"You didn’t ask him to pay for your drinks, and you did tell him he didn’t have to. He insisted. He was sexist in assuming that you didn’t have a job that would leave you comfortable (especially comfortable enough to buy your own drinks!). He was bragging and showing off - only to learn he was making a fool of himself," shared a Reddit user.

Others said he was sexist.

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"Not only a bit sexist. He was in full 'Alpha male telling the weak simple woman how it is' mode, not asking her a single question. Because, why would a woman be any interesting," one user said.

Many blamed Nick, too.

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Many Reddit users also said that if Nick wanted to know what she did for a living, he would have stopped talking about himself and simply asked what she did. Assuming she doesn't do anything important is just wrong.

But, one person said either was it was a "no-win situation."

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"Poor OP was in a no-win situation. Shut up and listen to him brag, or say she’s a software engineer with 4 years experience and be accused of either emasculating him, downplaying his accomplishments, or having sex with the bosses to get her position," one person said.