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Women Share Mental Health Tips That Actually Work

Mental health is a critical topic in society. Many individuals suffer from mental health issues and seek out help from doctors and psychologists to assist them with tips to get their minds right.

While there is no "one-stop-shop" cure for mental health issues, there are many ways that people can help themselves to feel better and get a hold of their own problems. Some individuals online are sharing the tips that they have used to help.

Stay hydrated and eat well.

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"I would add being hydrated and getting enough sleep as well. So many times I have gotten anxiety attacks after feeling awful all day and when I reflect I realize oh, I only got 4 hours sleep and the only thing I've eaten today is a granola bar," shared crazynekosama.

Be nice to yourself.

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whinnybee shared that being nice to yourself is important. Sometimes, people neglect to realize how "mean" they speak to themselves and how hard they are on themselves. Instead of doing that, practice kindness and care and remember to be positive.

Get enough sleep.

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Giant-Dude said that getting enough sleep is the most important thing. Most people do not get 7-8 hours of sleep. Getting a good night's sleep can change your life and it can ruin your day and overall feeling if you don't sleep enough.


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"When was the last time you absolutely filled your lungs? Hours ago? Days for some of us who aren’t active? Weeks or even months with those of us who are suffocated by life; activities, work, errands, family, etc.," said crackirkaine.

Cutting back on coffee.

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rf-elaine shared that cutting back on coffee is a sure-fire way to help anxiety and mental health. Caffeine can be a huge stimulant and can trigger a lot of mental health issues without you realizing it.


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amplexus__ shared meditation is a huge way to help your mental health issues. Meditation can help ground you and also shut out the noise that can make you anxious or also stressed out—sometimes, you need some peace and quiet.

Or, yoga.

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SnooRobots8049 said that doing some yoga can help your blood flow, give you endorphins, and also ground you. The stress sometimes just drips away when you exercise in ways that are calming and easy.

Take a hot shower.

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"When you feel like self-harming take a full shower. After the shower, you will usually have calmed down enough from doing all of the shower tasks (shaving, scrubs, etc) that you won’t hurt yourself," shared ForsakenProduce_.

Thinking positively.

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SunflowerShakes shared that thinking positively is a huge game-changer. Sometimes, you think it may be silly, but if you can cognitively tell yourself to be more positive and try to change the way that you think, it can really change your world.

A good, well-balanced diet.

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"Eating a nutritious diet. I am 100% convinced that a balanced diet is the bedrock of all health, physical and mental. Up the veggies as much as you can, get plenty of lean protein, and avoid the BS processed foods," said gopissgirl69.

Cut your worry time down.

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SeaworthinessGold846 said that you are allowed to have 30-minutes per day to have a stressful time and worry. But, after those 30 minutes, you have to cut it off. You can stress, you can be anxious, but you also need to get up and move on.

Leave the house.

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crossbeats shared that many people want to stay home and wallow when they feel stressed or anxious. But, getting up and getting outside can really be a great way to change your mindset. Sometimes, being at home can be a "trapping" mechanism.


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ginniecat said journaling is a good way to help your mental health. Getting all of your thoughts and your feelings out on paper can be a huge weight off of your shoulders. Bottling it up can be toxic for you.

Sunlight is good for you.

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Away_Particular9812 shared that Vitamin D may be more helpful than you can realize or think. Getting outside and getting some sunlight can make your body feel energized, awake, and alive. Even if you open the blinds and let the sunlight in, it makes a difference.

Accept things.

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"Acceptance. acceptance. acceptance. I cannot stress this enough!! Accept things for what they are. You cannot change the past and you have to accept that. You can’t change the way someone thinks and you have to accept that. you can’t change the weather, you can’t change that thing you said 6 months ago and embarrassed yourself," said denyseairme.