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Bride Spent Two Years Planning Her Wedding Only To Absolutely Hate It

For many brides, planning a wedding can be extremely stressful. Making sure that your wedding day is perfect takes a toll on many women.

Every girl wants to have their dream day and the price to pay can be quite a lot. When all is said and done, looking back, some women feel like they made a few mistakes when it comes to planning their wedding—and some even hate their wedding altogether.

Morgan Casper spent two years planning her wedding to her husband.

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The couple, who had a small ceremony during Covid-19 lockdowns, tied the knot in front of family and friends in September 2021. While Casper admits she spent two years planning her big day, she actually admits she hated her wedding.

She took to TikTok to talk about it and from there, created a massive following.

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After investing so much time and energy into her own wedding, she became invested in weddings entirely. Her TikTok platform now is a place to discuss all things weddings and bridal, helping other women out along the way.

In her latest TikTok series, Casper discusses things she would have 100% changed about her own big day.

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Along with videos about venues, florals, and outfits, Casper has begun to discuss her own wedding and things she regrets about it. The series is called, "What would I do if I re-did my entire wedding?"

First, she said she'd chop the guest list.

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Although she loved and appreciated everyone who was at her wedding, she said she would cut her wedding down by a whole lot. She said she and her husband should "not have invited hundreds of people" and instead wishes it was 30-45 people.

Casper said she's more of an introvert.

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The TikTok user said that her husband is the one who talked her into a big wedding and she is not one for big crowds and all eyes on her. But, she doesn't resent her husband for talking her into the big wedding either.

In terms of venue, she said to stay indoors.

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Many people opt for outdoor weddings, but after it rained on her own wedding day, she said she'd skip outdoors altogether. Always have a plan B, she advised. She also said you should pick a venue that's affordable so you don't break the bank.

She also said she'd change her dress, too.

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Caspter had two dresses, one for the ceremony and one for the reception. She said she loved her ceremony dress and it was sentimental to her, but her reception dress looked "better in pictures than it did in person." She said to think "long and hard" about your looks for the wedding.

Also, don't splurge on useless things.

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Casper said she regrets her tiered wedding cake because she doesn't even like cake that much and also barely anyone ate it. In addition, getting "bridal pajamas" for getting ready was a waste of money.

Favors are useless, too.

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Brides sometimes are always concerned with what favors to give out, and while her own wedding favors were special and meaningful, getting people to take them home "was nearly impossible." You end up taking most of them home yourself.

She also said she wish she "spoke up more."

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She said there were many times throughout the planning process when she was unhappy, like her floral arrangements not being what she envisioned or her dress being tailored wrong. But, she didn't speak up, and instead, she was just unhappy with what she had.

Her videos give brides a lot to think about.

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Even though she loves her husband and she is happy in her marriage, her wedding day ended up being less than she truly wanted. So, it does give many brides some food for thought when planning their own wedding!