Wedding Workers Are Sharing Signs Of A Bad Marriage In The Making

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Getting married is a goal of many individuals in life. Some people wait their entire lives to meet the person that they see as "the one." But, unfortunately, many marriages don't last forever.

In fact, there are a lot of marriages that end in divorce—some brutal, too. Some people who were on the outside might say, at that point, that they "knew it was coming." Then there are some people who had a feeling at the wedding itself! Like the people who worked at them!

The groom didn't even care about photos.

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fadetowhite, a wedding photographer, said that she knew the marriage was doomed because the groom didn't care one bit to get photos along with his bride. She tried asking multiple times throughout the day, and the groom wouldn't make time to take solo shots with his now-wife. Eventually, the bride told her to go home.

It was a mess from the jump.

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MissLadyLlamaDrama was hired as a wedding photographer and when she showed up, no one was even at the wedding yet and nothing was set up. In fact, she said people came dressed like "they were picking up something from Walmart." And, they hired another photographer without consulting—neither of them got paid.

Extorting for money.

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higginsnburke said you can always tell a marriage is set for failure if they have a PayPal or a Venmo link in their registry. They don't want anything to last long or cherish, just want cash from everyone who would come.

Anytime the groom's mom plans anything.

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TheLaraSong said that whenever the groom's mom plans the wedding, it always ends in a divorce. I mean, I would be mad too if my husband let his mom control everything about my special day, but that's just me.

They just want to party.

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higginsnburke shared that you can always tell when the bride and groom don't care about the ceremony at all but only care about the party. If they're just there to party, they don't really care as much about the marriage.

Uneven emotions.

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TopPreference10 said that you can always tell by the bride and groom's emotions. When one person shows more emotions than the other person, it's a red flag. At one wedding, they said, the groom was crying his eyes out and the bride stood there cringing.

A drunk bride or groom.

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Chipmunk_rampage said that they can always tell by how much each person drinks. If one person is drunk before the first dance even happens, it's a sure sign someone is getting angry and upset by the end of the night.

There are a few signs, actually.

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"Groom hooking up with one of my waitresses in a storage closet. Groom [expletive] bridesmaid in a storage closet. Bride and groom having a fistfight over the way the cake was presented.

Groom and/or bride hitting on other people in the wedding (groomsmen, bridesmaids). Family members getting drunk and fighting each other. Divorce inevitable," said threerottenbranches.

Cheating, of course.

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Shane_Diggity said that when they do wedding videos, the groom almost always forgets that they are mic'd up and they make some off-color comments about cheating or wanting to cheat. Of course, all comes out in the end.

Those small moments.

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Twitfried shared that as a photographer, they have seen and captured the bride or groom when their eyes meet another guest (not their husband/wife) and their eyes light up more so than when they see their own spouse. That's when you know.

Arguing about money at the wedding.

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JoeEIRE said they caught the bride and groom arguing about money on their wedding day, saying the "groom's mother shouldn't get all of the money they are given as gifts." Huge red flag for problems.

Hating each other.

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"Former wedding photographer here. Shot a wedding where the bride and groom spent the day displaying such contempt for each other in really subtle ways that I knew it wouldn’t last a year. They divorced nine months later," said Impressive-Bake9627.

Barely knowing your spouse.

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Argentis said that they work at a David's Bridal very close to a military base. She said that many brides come in for wedding dresses after only knowing their groom for 6-8 weeks. It's a surefire sign that things will go south.

Who does he like more?

groom dancing with mom at wedding
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pm_me_your_molars admitted that they have seen weddings where the groom danced more with his own mother than he did with his bride/wife. That's something that would make anyone feel a bit off and strange.

Spending way more than you have.

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One other person said that when a couple spends thousands of dollars that they do not have for a wedding, it is a huge problem in the end. They almost always have financial problems and that impacts their marriage badly.