A man wearing headphones while sitting at a computer as the sun sets out the window in front of him.
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Boss Called Out For Extremely Strict Rule Regarding Late Starts

Many of us know the experience of having a strict, maybe overbearing boss who implemented some pretty silly rules. While some would just choose to stew in silence about it, others vent publically and let the world get mad with them.

That's what happened when one employee shared a new policy regarding late arrivals that their boss implemented, and boy, do people hate it.

A recent Reddit post made the rounds wherein an employee calls out their boss.

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Well, former boss, as the post was titled, "Shout out to the worst place I ever worked (minimum wage, of course)."

The post amassed over 70k upvotes and over 5k comments, mostly of people tearing this boss a new one.

The post consisted of a single image.

The piece of paper with the rule written on it in question.
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That image was of a printed piece of paper that announces a new office rule.

"For every minute that you are late for work, you will be required to work for 10 minutes after 6pm." That's right, being two minutes late will get you an extra 20 minutes of work at this joint.

It's punctuated with a simple, "Thanks."

A man wearing headphones while sitting at a computer as the sun sets out the window in front of him.
Unsplash | Simon Abrams

People cannot believe the audacity of whatever manager came up with this.

"Boy I hope they like paying overtime. Or paying people to literally just stand around for an extra 20 minutes because they know this rule is [expletive]," wrote one commenter.

Others were quick to find ways to get back at management for this.

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One person suggested posting just that image to the company's Google reviews, warning any potential future guests or workers from supporting a place like that. Others said you may as well come in late on purpose to get a ton of overtime pay, if they even pay it.

In between all the jokes, though, were very serious concerns.

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The fact that there are bosses out there who can and do think like this shows a complete disregard for their workforce. The only way to prevent rules like this is to stand up when you see them, and remind those you work for that your time and the effort you give ought to be respected.

h/t: LADBible