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Woman Posts Creepy Way Stranger Got Her Number

When it comes to courting someone and trying to get their number, there are a ton of ways that people can try to do so.

Some people try to charm their way into a person's life, while others try to play the long game. There are those who are straightforward and straight up, while others beat around the bush. However, some go the extra mile to make things super weird.

Women are often turned off when guys get their number in "weird" ways.

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Sometimes, this can be getting a number from a website, or even through a friend. When men will do just about anything to get a girl's number and women can see this as desperate and almost gross.

Even when women give hints, men don't always pick up on them.

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Women can give hints that they are not interested, and hope men will pick up on them, but sometimes men just do not listen to pay attention to what we are saying.

We had thought we saw it all, up until now.

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Truly, I thought I had heard every horror story in the book when it comes to men trying to get girls, but this recent Reddit post blew my mind when a woman shared she received a text from a stranger in the worst way possible.

Recently, a Reddit user shared a screenshot of a text received by a stranger.

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The text said that the person texting the Reddit user had gotten her number from the collar on her dog. Most people have their phone numbers on their dog's collars in case the dog ever gets lost.

Clearly, that's creepy.

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That's definitely the weirdest and most desperate way to grab someone's number. Especially because the person really doesn't have any knowledge that you're taking their number at all, as it's normal for people to put their number on their dog's collars.

When the Reddit user didn't answer, the stranger was annoyed.

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Not only did they get the woman's number without permission, but they also got annoyed and angry when the woman didn't answer. They called her a "tease" and said that if they didn't want people texting her, why have her number on the dog's collar?

I mean...what?

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Are dog owners supposed to just let their dogs go missing and run away without any way to get in touch with them and contact them to return their dogs home? Seriously, this is the dumbest response we've ever seen.

People on Reddit were also taken back.

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Many people on Reddit said this was "next level" creepy and that it's obvious that this guy doesn't own a dog or never knew someone who does own a dog—everyone knows why people put their numbers on dog collars.

One person added it's a "huge deal."

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"This is a huge deal, some men will memorize your address and phone number and stalk you. If you're getting bad vibes or they're looking at your dog's collar for a bit too long, you need to leave," shared Chaotic_Trashmouth.

Another said they had a guy grab her number at a doctor's office.

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"I had a guy get my phone # when listening to me give it to a receptionist. He texted me. I responded with I am married, sorry. Big mistake. He proceeded to stalk me via the phone day and night calling and texting me. When I blocked his # he used another again and again. This went on for months," said Annual-Campaign7455.

And, a vet tech. had some solid advice.

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"I am a vet nurse so whenever random guys won't quit texting me I just start sending them pics of whatever voms and diarrheas I saw at work today. Usually, it's pretty effective," shared Lee1173.

The more you know.