Britney Spears Calls Out Kelly Clarkson In Fiery Instagram Post: 'I Don't Forget'

Rae Batchelor
Kelly Clarkson looking concerned on the set of her talk show.
youtube | The Kelly Clarkson Show

Britney Spears has called out television host and singer Kelly Clarkson in a passionate Instagram post referencing comments made during a 2007 interview.

Britney is no stranger to making headlines, or to doing exactly what she wants on her Instagram account, especially following the ending of her conservatorship late last year. That doesn't mean that fans aren't sometimes surprised, though, especially when she appears to be taking aim at another one of America's Sweethearts, Kelly Clarkson!

Britney, 40, appeared to be calling out a 2007 interview Kelly had given.

"Man, but wouldn't it be funny if she's just totally screwing with everyone?" Kelly had said at the time in response to Britney's erratic behavior and highly publicized divorce. "Because it’d be real funny if she were like, ‘just kidding!’ I mean, think about it. She’s done no press for her album, which I love by the way," Kelly went on. "She’s done no press, just gets so much press off all this other stuff.”

"I don't forget," Britney began her post that appears to be in response to those comments.

"Don’t you just wish she would say she’s kidding???" Britney captioned a post of herself in a green outfit posing for the camera. "Clarkson … in a world where bullying has been heartbreaking, I’ve had my share. Can we get an AWW? Psss ... I'm not kidding ... play on friends, play on!!!"

Fans of both singers took to Britney's comments section in defense of Kelly.

Kelly Clarkson looking shocked and holding her hands up.
Giphy | The Voice

"Kelly was repeatedly asked to say nasty things about you in 2007-2008 and not only didn’t take the bait, but called you hot and complimented your music. Absolutely not," one user wrote.

"If you’re talking about Kelly Clarkson this is so unfair, she was defending you, always has. If you took the time to watch the full argument she gave you’d know," another added.

Fans were not happy.

Kelly Clarkson with a surprised expression bringing her hands up to her heart.
Giphy | The Voice

"Now it’s Kelly’s turn? Sis, you need to rewatch the whole interview for the context or you misunderstood, clearly. Wish you happiness and peace of mind," one comment read.

What do you think about Britney's comments? Let us know if you're team Britney or team Kelly!