Ikea Creates List Of Baby Names Based On Their Furniture

Daniel Mitchell-Benoit
A tall, triangular Ikea sign in the middle of a blue sky.
Unsplash | Zheka Kapusta

Many of us hold an affinity for Ikea in our hearts. Not only are their stores notoriously fun to visit (though maybe not when you're trying to save some money), but they have tons of chic, affordable furniture that people can rely on.

So, why don't you name your child after them? It sounds like a big jump, but that's what Ikea Norway is hoping people will do, as they posted a 'name bank' filled with unique name inspiration based on their furniture collections!

Ikea Norway has introduced a new feature to their site.

The Ikea logo in yellow on a blue storefront.
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The franchise noticed that there's been quite the baby boom in the country since the beginning of COVID, and wanted to help people come up with unique names for their kids, so they added a 'name bank' filled with over 800 names!

You might be able to guess where these names came from.

A scattered pile of screws, washers, and pegs on top of an instruction manual for a Billy bookcase.
Unsplash | Semyon Borisov

That's right, Ikea's own furniture lines! Now you can knowingly and willfully name your child after a style of dresser or lamp by granting them the name Malm or Tomelilla.

Of course, the furniture names have their own origins.

Someone holding an Ikea catalogue in their hand.
Unsplash | billow926

The products they offer get their names from Swedish lakes, towns, and other geographical features. However, they do sometimes use traditional human Swedish names as well.

This means you might be naming your baby after a Swedish river or the furniture namer's neighbor, just via Ikea's catalog.

Ikea Norway is absolutely stoked about their idea.

A tall, triangular Ikea sign in the middle of a blue sky.
Unsplash | Zheka Kapusta

"After all these years, [Ikea] has built up a large ‘catalog’ to pick from," they said in a statement. They noticed that there was "both a shortage of raw materials and challenges with delivery times" during the pandemic, but "there is at least no shortage of children."

What do you think? Would you give your child an Ikea name? Let us know in the comments!

h/t: AP News