Source Explains Why Johnny Depp Needed Assistance Leaving His Hotel

Taylor Sakellis
johnny depp being escorted out of his hotel
Getty Images | Neil Mockford

Johnny Depp has been spending the days following his defamation trial win in Birmingham, England. Since Memorial Day weekend, the Pirates of the Caribbean actor has been across the pond performing concerts with his friend and fellow musician, Jeff Beck.

Fans were alarmed to see the actor being helped out of his hotel earlier this week, and now, a source is revealing what exactly was going on behind the scenes.

In the days following the jury's verdict in the defamation trial against his ex-wife Amber Heard, Johnny Depp has been spotted all over Birmingham.

The actor made headlines earlier this week when it was reported that he spent THOUSANDS of dollars on a celebration meal at a popular Indian restaurant.

As reported by TMZ, the actor rented out a popular Birmingham spot — Varanasi — for an intimate dinner with around 20 friends on Sunday night.

The restaurant's Operations Director Mohammed Hussain told the news outlet that Johnny's bill was around 50,000 British pounds or about $60,000 in American currency.

The restaurant was clearly elated to have the Hollywood heavyweight in town and has continued to post photos of the night on their social media.

johnny depp and a server from english indian resturant
instagram | varanasi.restaurants

"The most talked about person on the planet right now joined us for dinner last night!" the restaurant captioned its post on Monday.

"We had the greatest of pleasure to be in the presence of Johnny Depp and Jeff Beck!" they continued, before calling their visit "an amazing and humble experience."

johnny depp and a server from a resturant
instagram | varanasi.restaurants

Johnny's fans soon took to social media to share videos and pictures of the intimate dinner.

The day after that, the "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" actor was spotted being helped out of his hotel by two security guards.

In the photos, Johnny can be seen holding a coffee cup as he is being escorted through the crowd.

The photos and videos of the exit soon went viral on social media.

It's clear news travels fast around Johnny's fans as dozens of them were spotted outside the Birmingham hotel, hoping to catch a glimpse of the Dark Shadows actor.

Now, a source is revealing to "Page Six" what exactly happened that day when the 59-year-old left his hotel arm in arm with bodyguards.

johnny depp being escorted out of his hotel with two bod gaurds
Getty Images | Neil Mockford

As it turns out, those bodyguards were members of his security team, who were escorting him out to avoid the "large crowds" of fans.

"Everywhere he goes, he’s getting mobbed by fans," the source explained to the New York-based publication.

Taking one look at Twitter from fans who were there that day, it's easy to see why the actor was quickly shuffled into his car.

As for what was in the coffee cup, "Page Six" couldn't confirm what, if anything, was in it.

johnny depp being escorted out of his hotel holding a coffee cup
Getty Images | Neil Mockford

My guess? Probably coffee — but hey, I'm no expert and I certainly don't have access to an x-ray machine.

h/t: Page Six