mom hugging daughter
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Wholesome Pictures Of Parents Showing Their Love We All Need To See

Parenting is definitely the hardest job in the world. From sunrise to sunset, you have to be "on" for your kids. You can't really drop the ball because, well, you're raising humans.

We get so overwhelmed and stressed out on such a regular basis, but at the end of the day, we're doing it out of love and admiration for the humans we've raised.

This touching note from a dad.

Note from dad to son about coming out
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Coming out to your parents can be scary and hard when you don't know how they are going to react to your truth. But, some parents are so loving and kind that they know, that no matter what, their kids are always going to be their kids no matter who they date.

This dad set her up for life.

Kid fixing their toy car on a car lift
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Little girls may not know how to fix cars just yet, but that shouldn't stop them from pretending they do. This dad made a makeshift lift for her car to work on it.

The story behind this is too touching.

Dad dresses up like mom for son's school event
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In Thailand, his son's school had a whole celebration for their mothers, but his mother had passed away. So, his dad dressed up as his mother in honor of her and made sure he wouldn't feel left out.

Those are beautiful.

rainbow cupcakes for gay son
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Some dads may not know the right words or ways to express how they feel, but there is nothing better than saying it through food. This dad got it absolutely right with these rainbow cupcakes to say, I know and it's all good.

Protect Papi forever.

Girl graduating college hugging her papi
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Schools can be cruel with their restrictions and their rules, sometimes hurting students who just want to pursue their dreams. Luckily, this girl's Papi made sure she didn't have to give up on them and made it to her graduation day.

True dads wear pink.

dad dyes beard pink to match daughter's hair
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When your daughter wants to dye her hair pink but doesn't want to be judged by her friends, a real dad will dye his hair or beard pink to match up with her. We love this almost too much.


Son makes dad a tie and wears it for graduation
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Some parents throw their kid's artwork away and others keep them for a lifetime. It seems as though this dad knew the value of a meaningful tie that his son made him and wore it all these years later.

How touching!

When your autistic son loves something and looks forward to it, you're never going to let anyone take it away. These parents proved that you can make anyone happy by doing the little things—like building a home Blockbuster for your son.

The little things.

dad reading to baby in NICU
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This dad said he spent 7 months reading to his baby in the womb, and as soon as he came out early, he wasn't going to stop doing their tradition. He sat in the NICU with them, reading to him every night.

Dads never forget.

Dad remembering daughters birthday giving her flower over text
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Going away to college can be hard for any kid and any parent. But, this dad made sure that his daughter knew that he wouldn't forget her birthday and made sure to send her exactly what he gives her every year.

We don't deserve moms.

When you're having a bad day, the one person you turn to is your mom. She always knows what to say and how to say it—knows how to make it all better. Like, for instance, this mom sang "you are my sunshine" to her daughter who was having a hard week.

This is thoughtful, almost too thoughtful.

Fresh mango is clearly better than everything. And, caring parents who want their kids happy and fed know no boundaries. This dad shipped his daughter cut-up mango she left behind when she left for college.

Dads who listen

When you tell your dad something about makeup or fashion, you usually think they aren't paying attention much. But, sometimes they prove that they are all ears no matter what you are talking to them about.

I'm not crying, you're crying.

Traditions are everything when it comes to kids and their parents. And, some parents know how to really make kids cry—or us, we're crying. This dad is too sentimental and sweet for this world. Protect him at all costs.

This is a fun game.

daughter coloring in dads tattoos
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Parents who are tattooed are always awesome, but they are even better when they turn tattooing into a fun game with their kids. This daughter wanted to color in her dad's ink and he, of course, said yes.