TikToker Ignites Debate About Remote Work By Having Fun While Working

Still from TikTok video of woman doing remote work on a boat
TikTok | @averyncmm

One of the most significant changes brought on by the pandemic has been the adoption of work from home policies in many workplaces.

Even after restrictions eased up, plenty of people who used to commute now found themselves in full-time work from home jobs.

Some people prefer working from home. Others need the structure of a workplace. In any event, it's become a spirited debate. One TikToker reignited things simply by showing herself having fun at work.

What does work from home look like for you?

Man working in a home office
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Does your employer have a work from home policy? If so, how does it affect you?

Personally, I enjoy working from home, but my home office doesn't look too much different from a workplace office. It's still just a computer on a desk in a room.

Working from home allows workers to switch up their workplace environment.

Woman on a laptop on a cafe patio
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While an office is a static place that never really changes, working from home is a different story. Want to work outside and enjoy the day? Maybe take things to a coffee shop? The only limitations are internet access and your laptop's battery.

This TikToker knows how to live.

Believe it or not, this five-second video of TikToker @averyncmm supposedly getting work done while chilling on a boat has led to a fierce debate.

Should Avery be having so much fun while she's ostensibly at work? Let's let the random denizens of the internet decide!

So long as the work gets done, right?

Comments on a TikTok debate about working from home
TikTok | @averyncmm

Plenty of commenters, including a few who identified themselves as bosses, pointed out that this is really the only metric that counts.

If an employee is able to do their job as expected, their exact whereabouts aren't really relevant in a work from home job.

Some commenters poked holes in Avery's story.

TikTok | v

There are some fair points here. Ergonomics are important at work, so it's unlikely that Avery is able to be quite this chill for a demanding eight-hour workday, remote work policy or not. Zoom calls probably wouldn't go too smoothly, either.

What does Avery do, exactly?

TikTok | v

Plenty of commenters asked what Avery does for a living that could ensure such a leisurely workday. She hasn't responded to any of them yet. It seems a safe bet that she was only doing light work while on the boat.

Anyone who requires a stable internet connection for work, or anyone who does a lot of Zoom calls, will tell you that while mobile hotspots might be okay in a pinch, a stable internet connection is preferable.

It can be a polarizing topic.

Mug next to laptop showing a Zoom call
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Anecdotally, most people seem to be in favor of working somewhere with a remote work policy. But work from home jobs aren't always all that they're cracked up to be. That said, the ability to do one's job while chilling on a boat is a pretty big endorsement of that job, whatever it may be.

What do you think?

Still from TikTok video of woman doing remote work on a boat
TikTok | @averyncmm

Do you work from home or from the office? In either case, let us know some of the pros and cons of what you do. Also, what do you think of Avery's video? Is she genuinely working or just flexing?

Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments.