Prince Louis' Behavior At Queen's Jubilee Sparks Debate About Parenting

Taylor Sakellis
prince louis putting his hands over mom kate middleton's mouth at queens jubilee
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Being a kid is one thing, but being a child of the Royal family is a completely different thing. This past week, fans of the Royals watched and celebrated along with the beloved family as part of Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee.

While there were many moments worthy of our attention, it seems the audience just couldn't get enough of 4-year-old Prince Louis and his shenanigans with his mom, Kate Middleton.

You don't have to be a parent of a four-year-old to know four-year-olds are VERY unpredictable.

child with a fake camera taking a picture
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Your cousin's sweet child who is an angel one day and a total firecracker the next? She's definitely four.

Your brother's son who constantly picks a fight with his parents while giving the rest of the family a big smile? Yep, he's got to be four.

Do you know who else is dealing with this turbulent age? The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.

princess charlotte at meghan markle's wedding
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As a mom of three under the spotlight of the entire world, we've seen some pretty hilarious moments of her royal trio misbehaving.

Little did we know, however, that the best was yet to come.

As fans of the Royals will know, the UK celebrated Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee this past week. To mark an unprecedented 70 years on the throne, a massive party was put on in celebration of Her Majesty.

From dazzling fireworks to an all-star concert lineup, no detail was spared.

Along for the celebrations was the entire Royal family, of course, including the Queen's grandson Prince William and his family — Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, eldest son Prince George, 8, daughter Princess Charlotte, 7, and youngest son Prince Louis, 4.

On Thursday, Prince Louis made headlines after giving fans a laugh on the balcony during the first day of Jubilee festivities.

Not to be outdone by his own actions, it seems the tiny Prince was feeling a bit sassy on the final day.

To be fair, I can't think of one four-year-old that I know being able to be on their best behavior for four days in a row.

While watching the Platinum Jubilee Pageant outside of Buckingham Palace on Sunday, Prince Louis threw a bit of a temper tantrum while his mother Kate tried to contain him.

Of course, the video was soon circulated online and was met with many mixed reactions.

Many people took the opportunity to express their own personal beliefs on how the Royals should raise their children.

"At what point do we go from “wow, what a relatable toddler moment” to “wow, you have no control of your children?” Because that video is [cringe]," tweeted one user.

"Raised by nanny," speculated a different user.

"The child's loyalty and emotional connection is with the nanny. Doesn't help the fact that they separate the children to attend engagements. This doesn't help Louis. The resentment will only get worse as he gets older," they added.

On the flip side, many people defended the family.

"People picking on Prince Louis for being an energetic toddler need a hard look at themselves," tweeted one user. "No he doesn’t need sorting out or isn’t spoilt just for being a CHILD. He’s full of energy and has been in the same place for hours, is he meant to be a statue?"

"Anyone picking on Prince Louis has had no experience with 4-year-olds. Period," tweeted another supportive user.

"Imagine being a public figure, having the WORLD judge a MOMENT from an event endlessly. Critique your parenting and your son. Catherine, we feel you. We've all been there whether as parents or caretakers. Thank you for making us all feel normal!" they added in solidarity.

I can't imagine being in the public eye, much less being a parent RAISING A ROYAL in the public eye — people can be so judgemental!

However, I think it's safe to say that any parent can relate to the rollercoaster that was Prince Louis after this long weekend!