People Are Sharing The Silliest Reasons They Took Their Pets To The Vet

Ashley Hunte
A dog and cat sitting in grass next to each other.
Unsplash | Andrew S

We'll do anything for our furry friends. Sometimes, that means shelling out a few hundred or thousand dollars to make sure they're nice and healthy, free of disease, or to make sure they recover from injuries.

But some vet fees are... kind of ridiculous. Just like human kids, our furbabies might seem like they're having an emergency, but it's just a false alarm of some kind.

A Twitter user shared their experience with an unnecessarily expensive vet bill.

And now everyone's sharing their own stories of the times they spent money they might not have needed to on their pets (but definitely don't regret doing so).

Some cats will eat anything, but others are picky eaters.

To be fair, if I saw a cat gagging on something for no reason, I'd want to know what was wrong, too. I guess it's better to know than to leave it as a mystery for the rest of time.

When you take your pet to the vet and then end up needing the vet... again.

You know, for something like that, it would've been nice of the vet to just be like, "Oh, this is our bad. No extra costs for you." But I guess they have to make money somehow.

When your good girl is too good.

Poor doggo got so excited while at the beach, she ended up tiring her tail out (literally). I guess some things you just have to learn the hard way, even if they end up being hilarious.

The original Twitter user came back for more.

You have to admit that every dog and cat has its own personality. It sounds like this one is a little more finicky than most. To be fair, though, wet paws don't sound very fun.

I really hope that dog didn't start blowing bubbles.

This poor dog. He probably had no idea why his human was freaking out, and then probably had no idea why his human was laughing so much.

Definitely the strangest thing to spend $900 on, though.

Picky eaters will be picky eaters.

Some dogs are just so funny. They get used to eating a certain thing, and then when you try to change it up they go, "what do you think you're doing? Give me my usual stuff!"

I have to say, though, this dog has pretty good taste.

When your dog thinks he's people...

I'm not gonna lie, this one made me sad and happy at the same time. Like, it's really cute and all, but that poor dog just wanted to fit in with everyone else. We straight up don't deserve dogs.

Breaking news: as it turns out, dogs are mammals.

No shame to this person, but this is actually hilarious. I guess you don't really think about that kind of thing, though.

But in case you were wondering, nipples are a pretty common trait among mammals.

This dog really got sick in protest.

I don't know who this speaks volumes to more, the sister or the dog. But I literally can't get over the fact that this dog did everything she could to get herself out of having to deal with kids.

"You mean it's supposed to look like that!?"

Again, I can't really blame this person for not knowing what a cat butthole looks like. After all, it's not like most of us make a habit out of looking too hard at cat butts.

If you don't think dogs are into theatrics, you're wrong.

I'm gonna be totally honest right now. If I got a small ant bite, I'd probably react the same way. Ant bites hurt way more than they have any right to.

Cats are also dramatic, but we already knew that.

This poor kitty just doesn't handle change that well. But I guess things could be worse.

I have to say that the fact that this cat is named Bill is really taking me out. What a ridiculous name for a cat!

Cats: They really are just like us.

If only cats could say things like, "No, don't worry, my leg just fell asleep." Then again, if cats could talk, they'd probably be making a bigger deal out of something like this than it needs to be.

Just when you think you know your pet...

I feel like there are a lot of cat owners out there who just... don't know how to tell a boy cat from a girl cat. In fact, does anyone know how to tell a boy cat from a girl cat?

I guess quarantine hit everyone hard, huh?

The worst thing about having a pet is that it can gain a few pounds without you even noticing. Next thing you know, your pet's too heavy and is getting fat shamed by the vet.

*Excited cat noises intensify.*

Okay, that's actually so cute. It's something you'd probably expect with dogs, what with all the panting and drooling and all. But for a cat? That sounds a lot less common. And yet, just as precious.

The downside to training your dog.

I have to hand it to that puppy. She's a lot smarter than her human probably gave her credit for. At least, until that happened.

I don't know if that calls for extra treats or not.

Sometimes, it's serious. Other times, it's just gas.

I guess it's kind of the same for dogs as it is for humans. Sometimes, all that pain is from a little bit of gas. Or a minute's worth of gas, in this case.

When your dog finds something special on the street:

This happened to a friend of a friend's dog once. On the plus side, the stuff is mostly harmless to dogs, so once the effects wear off it's nothing more than a hilarious story to tell people on the internet.