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Bride In Tears After She Notices Something Underneath Her Dress

A wedding is something a woman dreams about her whole life.

She imagines her groom, the venue with twinkling lights, and the flowers she will hold as she walks down the aisle. What she doesn't imagine is a blood-sucking leech being stuck to her leg all night!

Usually, the only leeches are the people who attend weddings for the free bar!

This horrifying experience happened to Australian bride Madalyn Wise.

Bride holding flowers
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That's the first problem right there — she lives in Australia, home of the worst creepy crawlies, like snakes, spiders, and blood-thirsty leeches. She was enjoying her first dance as a married woman.

Most women imagine that the song they picked will be perfect, that all eyes will be on them, and that their new husband will be twirling them around.

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While she got all that with her newlywed husband, Jayden, she also discovered a surprise: a blood-sucking leech had fastened to her leg.

This was the result of her wedding venue, Gold Coast hinterland, having heavy rainfall the night before.

Leech on tweezers
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This made it a prime condition for leeches. The same thing happened last year in Sydney when an army of leeches invaded backyards in Sydney.

"I was outside last week for all of 10 minutes before the rain hit, and a few minutes later while I was driving, I discovered a leech was attached to my back," a woman told the 'Daily Mail.'

"My four-year-old daughter had one on her hand — she thought it was a caterpillar," the woman said. 

Shaking off the ick
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The tricky thing about leeches is that they're good at hiding, much like other creatures like cockroaches, who are hard to kill.

So when Madalyn found the leech on her leg after her first wedding dance, the insatiable swollen leech had feasted on her bare leg for hours.

Bride's first wedding dance
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The moment she discovered it was even captured in a video TikTok video that's been viewed more than 13.5 million times.

At first, she thought she had gotten her period.

Bride's bloody leg
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It certainly looked that way: blood had gotten all over the lining of her expensive white wedding dress. This only got worse after they were able to remove the thirsty leech.

If you're wondering why it took so long for the bride to notice it, there's a reason for this.

Leech on floor
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That's because leeches release a painkilling chemical so that the host does not feel them drawing blood. Ugh, those pesky buggers!

Their bite, however, can be itchy after removal.

Madalyn's wedding night mishap
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That explains the photos in Madalyn's TikTok video, which showed her knee wrapped up.

Viewers also got to see a huge leech squirming around shudders. You can guess that her wedding night did not go as expected.

People in the comments were blown away by the whole ordeal.

Shocked expression
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This included never, ever wanting to visit Australia. "Every day I open TikTok and just get another reason to not visit Australia," one woman joked in the comments. Same, sister.

A lot of people initially thought that she had her period.

"For a sec I was like worst day to have your period," one wrote. For some, it reminded them of something else. "this weirdly reminds me of stranger things," another wrote.

From us, we say NEW FEAR UNLOCKED.