People Share The Poorly Made Movies They Still Love All The Same

Ashley Hunte
A single person sitting in the seats of a movie theater.
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There's a reason why good movies end up being so popular. After all, they're good movies. But some movies are beloved despite being objectively really bad. Which is fine too, I guess.

No, seriously. There are plenty of people who love a bad movie now and then.

Redditors were asked "What movie do you absolutely love, yet acknowledge is not a super well-made movie?" I, for one, respect their honesty.

"OVERBOARD (1987), with Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell."

Kurt Russel and Goldie Hawn embracing on the poster for the 1987 film Overboard.
IMDb | MGM via IMDb

One commenter added, "My 12 year old daughter loves this movie hahaha. I showed it to her a couple of years ago because it’s a childhood favorite and she thinks it’s hilarious hahah. She loves when Goldie gets ‘em with the hose."

"Mr. Brooks (2007)."

The poster for the 2007 film, Mr. Brooks; a white image featuring a man's face, fingerprint motif, and the movie title in red.
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The user went on to explain their choice: "Kevin Costner as a serial killer with William Hurt as his alter ego. I don't think it did very well and people barely ever talked about it but I just love something about it."

"The Underworld movies (2003-2016). All of them. Pure, perfect early 2000s leather covered trash."

A person dramatically donning a long coat while walking through a dark room.
Giphy | Underworld Blood Wars

Another commenter agreed, saying, "Bill Nighy being a Bill Nighy vampire. Kate Beckinsale going about Kate Beckinsaling. Everything just so blue and moody and blue. Such beautiful trash."

"Anyone remember Mystery Men (1999)?"

A man jumping up to say, "I say, what the fork! Let's do it!"
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Apparently, people did.

"I put Mystery Men in the same class as Blazing Saddles, Galaxy Quest, and Kung Fu Panda. Parodies that know the heart of parody comes from love of the genre, and are still great examples of the genre being parodied."

"Thi13en Ghosts (2001). What an awesome concept, with actual lore."

A scared man with a ghoul of sorts behind him.
IMDb | Warner Bros. via IMDb

"Were you aware this was a remake?" a Redditor asked. "In the original the audience had to wear special glasses that allowed them to see the ghosts on-screen... this idea was incorporated into the plot for the later movie."

"Anaconda (1997). Jon Voight's wink at the end? Classic."

The original poster for Anaconda (1997) featuring the tagline "when you can't breathe you can't scream."
IMDb | Cinema Line via IMDb

The user had a little more to say about this movie (and its sequel): "Loved the sequel too. Doesn't matter there aren't any Anacondas in Borneo. Facts don't matter in these movies."

"Oh man, do I love Congo (1995)."

The movie poster for Congo (1995), "Where you are the endangered species."
IMDb | Paramount Pictures via IMDb

"It's really not good. The script is hilariously terrible. There are a lot of great actors in it who seem to know what kind of movie they're in, and a few not-so-great actors who don't."

"Road House is objectively a ridiculous movie but I love it."

Patrick Swayze jumping to knock a man down from a motorcycle.
Giphy | Coolidge Corner Theatre

One commenter said, "Swayze could make things work that never should have worked."

And there were a good hundred other users who couldn't help but agree with that sentiment.

"I still have real affection for Mortal Kombat (1995) even though I admit half of the movie looks like deleted scenes from Xena Warrior Princess."

The DVD case for the 1995 Mortal Kombat movie.
IMDb | New Line Cinema via IMDb

Another user added, "I don’t care what anyone says about this movie. It was definitely a successful video game movie in the 90’s."

"Demolition Man (1993)."

Wesley Snipes saying, "Oooh I'm so scared."
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"For whatever reason, one of my local TV stations used to air this movie every Easter Sunday, so whenever I see it I remember family get-togethers at my Nana’s house.

"Plus, watching Wesley Snipes say 'Cold as Häagen-Dazs!' always makes me laugh."

"George Of The Jungle (1997)."

Brendan Fraser with long hair and wearing a suit, smiling strangely.
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"It's an iconic movie of my childhood but seems to have just fallen through the cracks for so many. It was stupid, silly and even for what it was it was just a rather weak movie not an outright bad movie but not 'iconic' as I view it."

"Love the movie Ladyhawke (1985)."

Tw people sitting on a horse while one holds a bird of prey.
IMDb | Twentieth Century Fox via IMDb

"The score by The Alan Parsons Project is 'interesting' but doesn't fit with the era of the movie. I like Matthew Broderick, but he was miscast here. His acting and wisecracking lines are a bit jarring. I still love this movie for the story and the two main leads, along with most of the other actors."

"Hackers (1995). Hot garbage, but god do I love it."

A man poking his head out of a car window to say, "Hack the planet!"
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One user had a bit more to say about this movie: "They got a lot of the actual hacking right (for the era). Dumpster diving, giant books of information, social engineering your way into installing malicious hardware, etc..

"The hacking 'battles' was just to make it exciting. Doesn't turn out like that."

"Now and Then (1995)."

The DVD cover for the 1995 film Now and Then.
IMDb | New Line Cinema via IMDb

"I know it’s an oversimplified gender-swapped Stand By Me and the casting choices for the adult version of the characters were a bit questionable, but goddamn I love that movie. It came out when I was close in age to the kids at a time when adventure movies featuring girls weren’t super common."

"JUMPER (2008)."

A man looking over his shoulder and past a wall that has drawings attached to it.
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"In which Hayden Christensen and Sam Jackson evolve past their Star Wars roles by starring in a movie where Sam Jackson is part of a religious order attempting to limit the unnatural powers of Hayden Christensen," one user points out.

Don't you just love irony?

"Arnold Schwarzenegger's 1987 masterpiece The Running Man."

Arnold Schwarzenegger saying, "I'll be back."
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"There's no finer example of late 80s dystopian cinema, no better example of Schwarzenegger making a film work when it had no business working, no film closer to the pure joy of the early 90s show American Gladiators. You can actually see the stunt props in the final film."

"Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead (1991)."

A woman and three kids standing near a tree.
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"The plot was so full of holes that it just stopped making sense. Once you leave that behind it’s extremely entertaining and so awesomely bad.

"How Rose Lindsay overlooked all of the illegal [expletive] happening I’ll never know."

"Waterworld (1995)."

A man with an eyepatch yelling.
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"I know, there are HUGE plot holes and some major plot lines just done make any sense at all, but it's still an entertaining movie and the parts that make any sense are very well done. Plus Costner."

"The Replacements (2000)."

Gene Hackman and Keanu Reeves in The Replacements
IMDb | Warner Bros.

"'Pain heals, chicks dig scars, glory lasts forever.'"

"This is one of those movies that I will stop on and watch whenever I'm flipping channels," a commenter added. "I don't know why but I can't not watch it. It's about 80% filled with things I hate in sports movies."

"Super Mario Bros. (1993), it's like someone let Ridley Scott loose inside Nintendo HQ."

The poster for the 1993 live action Super Mario Bros. movie starring Bob Hoskins and John  Leguizamo.
IMDb | Allied Filmmakers via IMDb

"This movie was just so... uncomfortably weird. That's the best way to describe it," another commenter said.

Okay, I have to admit that this one has my vote, too.